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Altars of the Red Earth

Nancy Joy - Thursday, January 30, 2014

The New Earth is unfolding and we are her creators.  Hearts are expanding all over the planet and the old vortexes are responding,  shedding their restrictive garments and coming alive with the new frequencies of love and compassion.  In the United States, one of our most powerful and ancient vortexes, lies vibrating a new rhythm within the Red Rocks and ancient altars of Arizona, the land of our Hopi and Anastsi ancestors who have held the heart space for our return to consciousness.

 I have heard from many of you over the years who wanted to join a Heartlights Journey and have often asked why I have not offered anything in the US. I am very excited to open an opportunity for a 6 day Sedona experience May 11-16, 2014 at a very reasonable price to open the door for those who are drawn to the group heart experience. I have been guided by a special friend and Heartlights traveler Roz Sherman to a fantastic guide who works with his wife to create amazing experiences in the Red Rocks of Arizona.

 Please check out the journey and ask you heart if this is your time and the place that calls to you.  Read the descriptions, check out the connected sites of Clink Frakes and his wife, Michelle Paterson and look over the itinerary.   Then…follow Your Heart and take the leap!   Registration is limited.

 Altars of the Red Earth

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