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Nancy Joy - Wednesday, September 24, 2014
     I am more excited than ever about our Spirit of Alaska Cruise.  I have heard it its filling-up faster than other Spiritual Cruises right now and for a very good reason.  There are twelve sun or solar disc activation points that have opened in North America and one is in Denali, Alaska according to the latest Earth Keeper Report, right where we are headed on our cruise.  Add to that draw over 22 well known presenters who are calling together their folks to join in this activation and share their wisdom.  We are all coming together to create a powerful heart (our sun disc) field for this special experience.

       So even when we don't know why or even clearly recall the plan we agreed to initiate, we somehow seem to get ourselves right where we need to be, everything is occurring in the divine plan, embrace it!  I know each of you are part of the KEY in your own way so tune in. If yo are being called, don't wait to see...just feel and jump. I invite you to catch the magic with me.  Find out all the details below.  Follow your heart and take leap. Come On Board the Spirit of Alaska

Join me on the Spirit of Alaska Holistic Cruise and Seminar-at-Sea. It will take place June 12 to 19, 2015 on the incredible Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas, sailing from Seattle, WA to the stunning glaciers of Alaska.

 Register Right Now, as space is extremely limited:

Come on Board The Spirit of Alaska Cruise

Our Spirit of Alaska Cruise and Seminar-at-Sea takes place right on our luxury cruise ship during our seven-day cruise, in conference rooms on the ship, and during our port calls in Alaska.

 - Join us on an incredible cruise and seminar-at-sea as we sail from Seattle to the awe-inspiring glaciers and ports of Alaska.

- Be a part of a spiritual conference at sea, with speakers, readers, healers, and exhibitors.

- Experience the indigenous Alaskan culture and discover the tradition of Shamanism in Alaska and worldwide.

- Enjoy 7 days of bliss, as we sail into higher consciousness and spiritual awakening.

- Practice yoga, enjoy veg, non-veg, or raw food, and participate in awesome spiritual workshops and activities.

- View the crisp, starlit Alaskan sky with a nightly UFO Starwatch.

- You will make new friends, gain greater wisdom, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

 Come on Board The Spirit of Alaska Cruise

 What is Included?

 - Seminar-at-sea with renowned speakers

- Shamanic experiences, rituals, and healing

- Yoga instruction with an expert teacher

- Awesome readers, healers, and shamans

- Some of the most beautiful staterooms at sea

- Delicious dining, including room service

- Incredible onboard entertainment

- Fun-filled youth programs

- Broadway stage shows

- The most spectacular destinations on the planet

- Much, much more

 Come on Board The Spirit of Alaska Cruise

  When you register, please make sure you enter my name, Nancy Joy Hefron

as a "Referral" on the registration form at Register Now


 "Overall great experience."--J.O., Ontario, Canada

 "What I enjoyed most about the cruise was everything! Great ship, great itinerary and wonderful people. My favorite speakers were Maureen, Tenwhitefeathers, Lai Ubbard, Susan, Dannion, Sean. I also really enjoyed Mark's yoga class. He is a great teacher! I really enjoyed the fire ceremony at Altun Ha. I also LOVED the Sting Ray and Dolphin swim."--M.T., California

 "I loved it all; I didn't do any excursions; it was awesome!!! I would do again loved Dannion he's awesome! And Sean!"--L.C., Massachusetts

 "I enjoyed the various speakers and the different areas that were covered. The speakers who had the experience that was most relatable to me, I enjoyed most. The ones who offered experiential exercises were by far my favorite. Dr. Susan Shumsky was number one!!! Due to the guided meditations and the personal experience they offered to me. I also really enjoyed Victoria of the Light because I had a personal connection with her. I enjoyed Dannion due to his personal story and sense of humor. I enjoyed Sean David Morton due to his experiential exercises, sense of humor, and secret government information. I found that intriguing. I enjoyed the insight that was provided into the Mayan people that was given by Elizabeth Araujo."--G.W., Pennsylvania

 "Just wanted to say thank you Susan for inviting me to be a part of the cruise and for all the work and hours that you put in, so everything would run smoothly. I really enjoyed being a part of the group. I was also very impressed with your lecture and so was everybody else that attended it. You are a brilliant speaker. I am looking forward to your next cruise."--L.U., Texas

 "I very much enjoyed the cruise and could not possibly find anything I would change. I thought it was very well organized and I would love to be a part of it again. Thank you for a wonderful time!"--C.P., Pennsylvania

 "My favorite activities were the hugs, dinners, and general sense of celebration among each other. If I had to say one event it would be the ceremony at Altun Ha. Going to a sacred site is a must on 'spiritual trips' like this."--S.M., California

 "I love Dannion and Sean David Morton. They were both fabulous. Nicki's presentation was incredible. So was Susan's. And the ceremony/presentation that Marybeth did on the second last day was off the charts! I also loved the closing ceremony, with all the speakers. It was very high. I totally enjoyed the night vision experience and think that's a big plus. We could have promoted it a bit more at dinner every night. I don't know about his attendance, but I was shocked at how easy it was to get to the roof and 'play' in this way. A big plus, and cudos to you for bringing him. I thought that was really special."--M.S., New York

 "I had a personal experience in Belize at Al Tun Ha. That was my favorite because I connected with the spirit of the ancestors personally and came back a different person than when I started."--Gerri Walker, Pennsylvania

 My favorite speakers were Dannion - gives confidence in spirit; Sean- information and funny; Susan - phenomenal meditations. My favorite event was the last speaker panel; funny, but to hear they were blessed as well as blessed us. My favorite shore excursion was Honduras - not so Americanized. The ship staff and services were phenomenal."--K.B., California

 "I enjoyed being Mayan. The people, ports and spirit of the trip were all incredible. Dannion was my favorite speaker. If you really listen to what he is saying, some of the most brilliant and cosmic material being said on the planet right now. He also adds a great sense of humor to otherwise humorless topics (like death). Sean David is like a water fountain of information. The angel wing thing was also great because it was interactive with the audience. The Jedis vs. Cyborgs thing is something I've been talking about for several years. Loved to hear it coming from Sean David now too! I really enjoyed Mark Becker's yoga. It was a nice change of pace to the classes and other scheduled activities. A great way to start the day! Meeting and connecting with people."--S.M., California

 "The service people, staff and waiters were fabulous. They noted needs, and remembered us. They produced 'food requests' almost like a magician, very quickly and with grace and ease. The ship was beautiful. Great deco, interesting layout and well thought out. Food service seemed very efficient no matter where we ate. Impressive. Loved their food, service and accommodations. I thought our stateroom (on the 2nd floor) was laid out VERY well. We were both able to store our clothes and suitcases, have room to both of us work and be comfortable! It may have been bigger than my NYC bedroom!"--M.S., New York

 "I wanted to thank you, Susan, for organizing this cruise. I think it gave the participants and the speakers new openings for the future, which was its purpose."--C.J.C., Sweden

 "I enjoyed the meeting of like minded people in a lovely relaxing situation. Victoria of Light was favourite followed closely by Dannion, then Harrison. The evening meals I enjoyed as it was a lovely way to meet the others. I loved the three excursions I took -Tulum, Altun Ha, and swimming with the Stingrays and Dolphins. They where all great in different ways can't pick best. I liked the food and service. Thanks so much for the opportunity, and all you did to make it a great experience."--J.D., New Zealand

 "The team of support people that were there all the time, EVERY one of them were sweet, comfortable, and easy to work with... Their genuine concern for our welfare was very evident. Who could ask for more? The taping team were MOST impressive. They are very hard workers. They were so flexible and 'on the job.' so many hours. I don't know how they kept up! Great prices for the videos."--M.S., New York

 "I enjoyed meeting the people, not having to cook, and the excursions off the ship. I enjoyed the dinners as you could talk to lots people. Meals were really great, the staff were very helpful, service of rooms was awesome."--L.E., New Zealand

 "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Susan, I really appreciate everything you did to make the trip a reality (both for me and everyone else). I feel so blessed and grateful just to be able to go on the cruise this year. May you all be blessed and see you on a future cruise! Thank you all so much!"--S.M., California

 "I liked everything about the cruise. My favorite speakers were Sean David, Carl Calleman, and Maureen St. Germain. My favorite event of the cruise was holding a stingray. My favorite shore excursion was Elizabeth Araujo's ceremony at Cozumel."--R.C., New York

 "My favorite speakers were Victoria of Light as she has high vibrational energy and it takes you to an amazing place. Dannion Brinkley as he was in his heart and felt like Love and Truth. Marybeth as she was coming from heart. Harrison was a genuine loving soul who also was coming from his heart. My favorite shore excursion was the trip to Altun Ha and the ceremony there, as it felt like I was connecting to other life times. It felt very special."--L.E., New Zealand

 "My favorite events were the ceremonies, all of them, Nicki's, Elizabeth, and the very special ceremony that was done at Altun-ha were just spectacular. All of them were very very special. I especially appreciate the phenomenal logistics that you arranged for the ceremony with the Mayan Elders and Dannion. People don't realize how incredible they were. I think the choice of locations that Mark demanded was SPECTACULAR!!! They were well prepared with the ceremony initiation circle and then the circle on the main lawn. Quite impressive. It is quite an undertaking. Congratulations on pulling that one off! You chose well."--M.S., New York

 Come on Board The Spirit of Alaska Cruise


 Call Adele at Legendary World Travel:


9:00 am to 4:30 pm, Pacific Time

 Email Adele at: Adele@LegendaryWorld.com

 The ship is getting really full already, so register ASAP to secure your space!

Come on Board The Spirit of Alaska Cruise

 When you register, please make sure you enter my name, Nancy Joy Hefron

as a "Referral" on the registration form at

Register Now

 Catch the Magic!   NJ...Hope to see you on Board!

An Invitation

Nancy Joy - Thursday, September 04, 2014
          In asking ourselves why Egypt and her ancient history keeps pulling us back and tugging at our hearts, we may want to realize that even more telling than our evolution on this planet is our involution; that which pulls us back to our own inner alchemy.  Deep inside we know these ancient truths and it is from within that we are now ready to respond.   Egypt pulls us inward and back toward her ancient secrets very powerfully. Her picture stories and glyphs contain coded remnants from an important time in the lives of our souls which is reawakening now and this is what we are reconnecting to.

             Amro, my Egyptian brother and the Egyptologist I have worked with since 1998, and I have finalized our amazing new journey back home to Mother Egypt as she opens to her new role in the world with excitement and joy. The last four years, since March 2011, have not all been easy but Egypt and her people are making huge leaps into their new reality. As the flood gates swing back open for a return, we have created a very unique journey for those wishing to return as well as new travelers desiring a unique experience somewhat off the beaten path.

             So come and join a small, intimate group of Heartlights travelers (8-14) as we experience Egypt in a new way; as creators remembering who we are.  We have custom designed this journey to move off the beaten tourists track to a certain extent by including the freedom of private Dahabiya (Sailboat) cruise on the Nile affording us the opportunity to avoid large groups at the sacred sites.  We will have no hard fast sailing scheduling allowing us more time and flexibility. And the boat will be ours alone as a group, affording so much time for intimacy and awakening to unfold our journey both collectively and individually.

             Although the general itinerary linked below includes all the usual stops, it is a template only for us to create as we go.  Amro is including some special offerings that he wanted me to share with you.  These additional itinerary possibilities are listed below. Please check out Amro Mounir’s Face Book page also. (The link directly too it wouldn’t post…Thanks Face Book. So just do a search and enjoy this unique and very special man).

 1)We will be visiting Abu Ghorab where we have a lot of work to do with the Sun Temples of RA. Also it is the vortex where human beings thought of being divine for the first time on earth.

2) When visiting the famous Saqqara Step Pyramid, we will also continue further into the desert to visit the less traveled Pyramid of King Teti which is one of only two places where The Pyramid Texts were found.
3)In Luxor, ancient Thebes, we will enjoy The Temple of the Moon built for the lunar god, Khonsu . His name means "traveler.” Khonsu was instrumental in the creation of new life in all living creatures and perhaps in your also.
4) As we visit the Temple of Karnak, within its walls, we will visit the more hidden and obscure Temple of Hathor which is an amazing beautiful and soft place where you will feel your heart open.
5) We may create the opportunity to visit famous but distant Abu Simbel in the far south of Egypt; a little extra journey but well worth it. Built by Ramses II who ruled Egypt for 67 years during the 13th century BC, it represents the apogee of Ancient Egypt's power and glory.
6) We will also visit the original old quarries from which all the amazing stones of the Nile temples were built !!!
7) Cruising the Nile on our private boat with authentic Egyptian food specially prepared by our private chef will be nourishing and well deserved.  Just imagine doing as we are guided and creating our own sacred space on the powerful and Ancient Nile where all these temple vortexes have integrated together and flow through our hearts awakening the ancient cellular codes.  Such a private boat is a dream way to experience Egypt.

 8) We are open to your dreams and suggestions and together we will catch the magic as we Return to begin to create the New Reality in our ancient homeland.

            Please take a moment to check out the links below and consider registering early.  This will give you plenty of time to create the balance due and also provide the energy to move us forward. I already have four folks who are coming on board and we only need eight.  This time it is happening, I am sure.  I am very excited to be creating this unique experience that all of us will unfold as we journey together as one heart, creating as we go.  See how your heart is responding and take the leap with us!

 Creating In the New Reality Flier

 EGYPT: The Return

 Why Choose A Heartlights' Scared Journey?

 2015 Itinerary March 8-19




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