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2012 A Look Foward!

Nancy Joy - Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Get Your Tune Up to Step into 2012 with Ezekiel and Nancy Joy


December 31, 2011

Nancy Joy's Video

Every year at this time, all the predictions about the New Year surface for review. This year being very much talked about for decades will be most interesting to integrate.  No one can really predict how you will experience the year 2012 because we are each creating and attracting what our thoughts and feelings are putting out there to the universe.  It’s past time for trying to figure things out and it is time to step up to the plate and become conscious of what you are creating and attracting for yourself and the planet. 

I have been feeling the dimensions integrating more and more.  Where I use to feel I was straddling two worlds and constantly trying to juggle my beliefs with the reality around me, now as we approach the thresh hold of 2012, I feel the dimensions are all around me at once and it is my choice where to focus my consciousness and what I chose to create.  WHEW!  I have to tell you, this feels much better.

2012 will be a year of great change in all areas and you and I will experience much chaos and change.  Things are bound to intensify, waking people up and changing the way we respond to life. But rather than fear the change, take advantage of the opportunities it presents and remember you are determining your experience with every thought and feeling.  I see people who will be devastated and confused by financial collapse, health issues and environmental disasters.  I see others responding to the changes with consciousness and power.  I see communities forming to create group realities changing the landscape of a world no longer functioning in its old form.  I see America falling a part in some ways but through the changes, shaking off the control and corruption and returning to its original roots of freedom and unalienable rights for all.

It’s the year our sun and its planets align with the original birth place of our universe exactly on that famous date, December 21, 2012.

 (December 21, 2012 Heartlights Journey)

The flow of consciousness and awakening will be contagious.  Where others may see a very uncertain future, I am optimistic. I see a world of beings awakening and realizing who they are and taking their power back.  I have been on this journey consciously since the early 80’s and in the last two to three years I have experienced a huge awakening every where I travel. I can’t tell you how it will all unfold but I am excited and heartened by so many people realizing they are no longer deciding to plug into the old paradigm and each, in their own way, creating something better. As Yoda told Luke Skywalker, “luminous beings are we. Feel the force around you!”  Enjoy Yoda’s message in it entirety and apply it to your life.  Choose to have a great ride through 2012.  I know I am.  

Yoda's Message to Us All for 2012! 

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December 21, 2012 Heartlights Journey







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