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2012 Crop Circle Opportunity

Nancy Joy - Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Crop Circle activity in the UK is almost unparallelled right now. The closer we get to  the end of 2012, the more frequent they seem to be.  I have a good friend who is so guided to get to the Glastonbury,/Avebury area as soon as possible to be open to the flow of arriving immediately after a new circle appears, they she is lit on fire with a tremendous passion to create the experience so she asked me to help her make it happen.

 Long Story Short:
 My friend Wendy and my UK Guide and spiritual teacher John Flannegan
have teamed up to create just such an opportunity.  Find out more below and contact Wendy as soon as possible if you are drawn to the spontaneity and the flow of creating such a life changing experience.


 Are you up for a journey of inspiration and surprises? Join us in England, August 11-19, for a week of experiencing crop circles. England is the world-wide epicenter for these formations and already this summer there have been some beauties. The word is that the energies within them are powerful this year, as we approach the celestial configuration in December 2012.

No one can say for sure when and where a crop circle will appear but to be in SW England this summer increases the odds of being able to experience them. We will be headquartered in the historic town of Glastonbury and led by John Flanagan, a man steeped in the history and lore of the region and of crop circles, as well. His informed and intuitive guidance, his attention to the needs of the group, will insure a rich and varied journey for us. John can lead us through the well-known sites, of course, such as Avebury and Stonehenge; he is also familiar with sacred sites off the beaten track. In the morning, we can walk whatever crop formation(s) may have been created during the night; the rest of the day can be devoted to exploring places of interests in that area. Each day will unfold as it comes, supported by John’s wealth of experience and familiarity with the area. There is also a possibility of a 3-day trip to several ancient sacred sites in Cornwall in the latter part of the week.

The costs involved? That would depend somewhat on how many of us there will be. For a group of 4: Heathrow pickup and return, detour to Stonehenge, room with breakfast, and John’s services would total ca. $1500 per person. For a group of 8: same inclusions for ca. $1250 per person. The possible trip to Cornwall could add ca. $300 per person. Airfare is whatever you choose.

Please join us! It promises to be a unique and memorable journey.

You can email me, Wendy, at wcaesar5@gmail.com.

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