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2012 Dolphin Message

Nancy Joy - Monday, August 06, 2012

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August 6, 2012

Nancy Joy's Video  

Hope you enjoyed last week’s short video of our Bimini golden dolphin pod interacting with us in the ocean very close to the ancient stone ruins know as the Altantean Wall.  (Link below in case you missed it).  Swimming freely with the dolphins in their own environment is always a powerful and life changing experience, yet this past journey seemed especially powerful because the human pod (14) was so exceptionally close and accepting of one another that the combined frequencies of both seemed to create an extraordinary heart field.

Although I have lots to share with all of you in one way, in another way, as one of our human pod put it, “It is just hard to express in words.”  That, of course, is because words become less and less necessary as our frequencies shift from our past coding to the present moment.  Dolphins are all about living in the present in love and unity.  They have held that field in our oceans since ancient times when they came here from Sirius B to remind us who we really are and hold space for us to remember. They agreed to do that for us. They live in cooperation and harmony and radiate such a field of knowing its hard not to be changed as you look into their eyes.  They seem to be saying “Yes, I know you and you are spectacular! Did you forget?  Come swim in joy and gratitude with us and remember who you are.  We do.  We completely accept you right where you are as you re-member more and more of yourselves.  We have been waiting for you.” And as you your heart responds, your very cellular coding changes.

When I was connecting with them and they were surrounding me, I had no thoughts at all.  I just felt bliss, plain, pure and simple.  No thoughts were necessary because in those moments only love and acceptance existed.  The dolphins outwardly spend their time eating, sharing, playing, exploring and making love. Their home is their pod not the space they occupy. They have no need to manipulate the world but just seem to experience themselves within its beauty.  No past hurts to heal and no future fears to worry them.  They can be here today and gone tomorrow and it’s all magic.

As is often the case, after I returned home and as I began to ground my experiences into my life, new wisdom and codes continue to be constantly downloaded into my consciousness.  Day-by-day more is given as my understanding of the great shift we are in deepens. This is how it works.  I have been concerned about the recent drought we have been experiencing here in Iowa.  It has been depressing and so sad to watch the beautiful shades of green turn brown and accept this.  As that feeling over comes me I feel those dolphins surround me and the message is…The drought, floods, pollution, climate change etc really don’t matter.  Focus on your life.  Focus how you respond to your life. They accept that all these things are necessary and yet realize that none of them define you.  That is their over riding message. The shift of the 2012 awakening and light is happening.  Just be present for the magic and try not to focus and the illusion.

 I don’t know if I am able to stay in that space but when I am, I truly understand.  Lots to ponder as I continue to embrace the shift they have gifted me and respond as best I can to the message.  Enjoy again the dolphin video below because they are sharing with you also. They’ve asked me to share their gifts. Although being with them in the ocean is an incredible experience, you can invite them right now into your dreams and your heart and you will begin to feel the truth in your heart without words.  


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