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Abortion: An Integrated Approach to the New Reality

Nancy Joy - Monday, December 03, 2012

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December 3, 2012  

Nancy Joy's Video   Abortion: An Integrated Approach in the New Reality

Ezekiel has made it so clear to me that the ticket for a smoother ride into the shift and the New Reality is to approach everything in terms of “integration” rather than our programmed dualistic patterns.  Along these lines, I have been moving in that direction with every trigger that comes my way and goodness knows there are enough of them floating around out there right now.  I have found that as I am able to create a new way to move forward that acknowledges both polarities and that both points of view have  some validity and common ground, a beautiful new answer comes.  I am going to follow this theme most weeks in the Reflections leading into 2013 so you can see how this can work so well in your own lives.

For example, to show you how incredibly powerful this new approach can be, let’s take abortion.  This particular issue brings such emotional reaction and judgment on both sides of the fence that it has divided friendships, families and certainly political candidates to name a few for ages.  To define the issue simply I would say it is a question of when we believe life begins or when the soul enters the fetus and if we, as humans, have a right to decide that and terminate that potential life.  It is, to say the least, a moral issue.  Ezekiel has always taught me there is no right or wrong but simply the lesson and the soul agreements that we are here to understand.  Below is the integrated approach and it works! Granted it takes a certain level of consciousness but isn’t that what we are hear to learn?

Long ago, I began counseling clients teeter tottering on the issue of ending their pregnancies or going to full term to put the decision completely aside and connect with the incoming soul in meditation, prayer or journaling.  In this way they share their fears and concerns and do some imagery having a conversation with the higher self of the new life and their own higher self.  Sometimes I lead them on a guided journey into this conversation on a beach or out in nature.  This shift can take many forms. (This can be the same experience for the father as well). It is best to stay in this space of discovery for 3 days or 72 hours because that is the time it often takes for transformation to unfold.

I am here to tell you that in the dozen or so times that I have worked in this new way with clients struggling with this issue, a heartfelt answer has always come in one form or another, allowing the person to understand and shift out of right or wrong and guilt into the emotional and spiritual understanding of their experience. The results are always as unique as each individual.  In a number cases, there have been spontaneous abortions terminating the pregnancies after this situation has been brought into the heart and understood.  In other cases, the parent has decided to move forward with the pregnancy and begins to connect with the new being with love rather than fear.  I have been privileged to enjoy watching some of these babies grow up and have even married several couples after this process. Some, of course, carried their babies with love and then found loving parents for their child through adoption. In a few other cases, the pregnancies are terminated and there is a connection and healing that remains in tack for a future relationship with the soul coming into their lives as a child later on when they are more prepared or, sometimes, the child is born to someone close to them and a special relationship develops.

So you see, this is quite amazing and made possible by moving out of judgment about sin, playing God, a woman’s right to control her own body and so on and into the magical place of co-creation.  I firmly believe that after the triggered emotions are felt and understood and when anyone makes a conscious choice to find an integrated approach in their hearts, all duality can be used as energy for creating the New Reality.  Try it in your own life.  (Hint:  don’t be hung up on expected results, but stay open for the perfect unfoldment!) and ride the wave into your heart space.

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