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Nancy Joy - Thursday, September 04, 2014
          In asking ourselves why Egypt and her ancient history keeps pulling us back and tugging at our hearts, we may want to realize that even more telling than our evolution on this planet is our involution; that which pulls us back to our own inner alchemy.  Deep inside we know these ancient truths and it is from within that we are now ready to respond.   Egypt pulls us inward and back toward her ancient secrets very powerfully. Her picture stories and glyphs contain coded remnants from an important time in the lives of our souls which is reawakening now and this is what we are reconnecting to.

             Amro, my Egyptian brother and the Egyptologist I have worked with since 1998, and I have finalized our amazing new journey back home to Mother Egypt as she opens to her new role in the world with excitement and joy. The last four years, since March 2011, have not all been easy but Egypt and her people are making huge leaps into their new reality. As the flood gates swing back open for a return, we have created a very unique journey for those wishing to return as well as new travelers desiring a unique experience somewhat off the beaten path.

             So come and join a small, intimate group of Heartlights travelers (8-14) as we experience Egypt in a new way; as creators remembering who we are.  We have custom designed this journey to move off the beaten tourists track to a certain extent by including the freedom of private Dahabiya (Sailboat) cruise on the Nile affording us the opportunity to avoid large groups at the sacred sites.  We will have no hard fast sailing scheduling allowing us more time and flexibility. And the boat will be ours alone as a group, affording so much time for intimacy and awakening to unfold our journey both collectively and individually.

             Although the general itinerary linked below includes all the usual stops, it is a template only for us to create as we go.  Amro is including some special offerings that he wanted me to share with you.  These additional itinerary possibilities are listed below. Please check out Amro Mounir’s Face Book page also. (The link directly too it wouldn’t post…Thanks Face Book. So just do a search and enjoy this unique and very special man).

 1)We will be visiting Abu Ghorab where we have a lot of work to do with the Sun Temples of RA. Also it is the vortex where human beings thought of being divine for the first time on earth.

2) When visiting the famous Saqqara Step Pyramid, we will also continue further into the desert to visit the less traveled Pyramid of King Teti which is one of only two places where The Pyramid Texts were found.
3)In Luxor, ancient Thebes, we will enjoy The Temple of the Moon built for the lunar god, Khonsu . His name means "traveler.” Khonsu was instrumental in the creation of new life in all living creatures and perhaps in your also.
4) As we visit the Temple of Karnak, within its walls, we will visit the more hidden and obscure Temple of Hathor which is an amazing beautiful and soft place where you will feel your heart open.
5) We may create the opportunity to visit famous but distant Abu Simbel in the far south of Egypt; a little extra journey but well worth it. Built by Ramses II who ruled Egypt for 67 years during the 13th century BC, it represents the apogee of Ancient Egypt's power and glory.
6) We will also visit the original old quarries from which all the amazing stones of the Nile temples were built !!!
7) Cruising the Nile on our private boat with authentic Egyptian food specially prepared by our private chef will be nourishing and well deserved.  Just imagine doing as we are guided and creating our own sacred space on the powerful and Ancient Nile where all these temple vortexes have integrated together and flow through our hearts awakening the ancient cellular codes.  Such a private boat is a dream way to experience Egypt.

 8) We are open to your dreams and suggestions and together we will catch the magic as we Return to begin to create the New Reality in our ancient homeland.

            Please take a moment to check out the links below and consider registering early.  This will give you plenty of time to create the balance due and also provide the energy to move us forward. I already have four folks who are coming on board and we only need eight.  This time it is happening, I am sure.  I am very excited to be creating this unique experience that all of us will unfold as we journey together as one heart, creating as we go.  See how your heart is responding and take the leap with us!

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