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Anticipation The Gift of 2012

Nancy Joy - Monday, July 09, 2012


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July 9, 2012

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Anticipation, or being enthusiastic, is an emotion involving pleasure, excitement, and sometimes anxiety in considering some expected or longed-for good event. Wikapedia

As Carly Simon put it in the opening of her famous hit song by the same name, We can never know about the days to come, but we think about them anyway.   Well here’s the wonderful thing I have come to understand about the emotion of anticipation, it is an awesome tool of creation if you are willing to dance along with its energy. When you are creating something you really are excited about and expecting it to happen you awaken the emotion of anticipation and it is the force that drives you forward to manifesting your dream or your creation.

In order to anticipate something in the future, you must first believe it will happen and it is approaching, coming toward you.  It is the excited energy that brings it in for you to experience.  For example, once you decide to create a vacation you begin the process: where to go; when; with whom; fly or drive and so on. With each step you take your excitement grows and you begin to imagine the experience thinking about what it will look like, who you will meet and choices you may have while on vacation and so on.  The longer the anticipation, the more energy of creation you have to work with.

In my own life, I recently attended a semi-annual family reunion at a resort in Georgia which I helped to plan.  I consciously realized how much love energy I was creating for myself and my family with every wonderful thought and interaction I imagined.  I used the energy of anticipation even during the four days to think about whom I would see and how I would feel at each event.  The trick was being conscious of this feeling and using it.  Of course, not much unfolded as I planned but it all unfolded in an incredible synchronicity better in most cases than I imagined.  Where there were missteps, of course, they opened us all to new experiences and connection.

Many of my Spiritual friends and I have invested in the Iraqi Dinar which we are anticipating will revalue very soon.  I am aware I could choose to feel frustrated that it hasn’t happened and yet instead I spend lots of time dreaming and creating how I will use the investment to make positive changes in my life and in the lives of others. I spend hours of time feeling how wonderful it will be and all the incredible and “impossible” things I can and will soon be creating.  These dreams change from time to time.  I am always going deeper and refining them and not just thinking about the financial shift but being in it, feeling it and the anticipation has created so much expanded thinking that I never would have considered if I thought it was not possible.  So, my point being, no matter what happened at my family reunion or what happens with our investment, the energy and excitement of anticipation has kept energizing creation.  Without the anticipation, the dreaming and creating would be silenced into the realm of impossible.  * If you are curious about the Iraqi Dinar and want to find out more, watch the video on this link called Dinar 101.   http://www.thebhgroup.org/

I am sure almost all of you feel the excitement of “the shift” we all feel and believe it is being created.  It is the anticipation of this wonderful new earth that keeps our minds creating it.  If we didn’t believe it is unfolding, our creative energy would not be active therefore nothing would be changing.

So live every day as if it is Christmas Eve for those who associate with that feeling.  You are not quite sure what you are going to experience but boy are you dreaming and looking forward to see what unfolds.  It is true that you could anticipate something that you are dreading and yet the same energy applies.  The more you think about how awful it is, the more awful you will create t to be.  For me, the excitement of anticipation: “keeping me waiting” is incredible.  Remember it’s not the emotion that determines how you use that feeling, it is your consciousness.  Have some fun with anticipation this week.  Invite it into your life.  Use its energetic gift to create miracles and dreams bringing heaven to earth.

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