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April Solar Eclipse Brings Clarity and Focus

Nancy Joy - Monday, April 28, 2014


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Reflections:   April 28, 2014  Solar Eclipse Brings Clarity and Focus

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          With this week’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus (April 28/29 1:14 am CDT) we are arriving at the opposite end of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) on April 15th.  The Blood Moon downloaded Christ Consciousness into every human heart and, at the same time, the Grand Cardinal Cross bought everything into opposition to push our planet into expansion, freedom and new direction.  It is quite a roller coaster ride and it’s not over yet.

          Ezekiel shared that the energy of this coming Eclipse can be viewed as a camera lens or seen as the pupil of your eye expanding and contracting to bring into focus amazing clarity and insight to issues personally and on the world stage also.  From this moment on, it will be more difficult to pretend you don’t see and feel what is being revealed. You know how our pupils contract suddenly in light making clarity difficult until we adjust to the intensity and then these same pupils expand in darkness to bring more clarity into the shadows.  Sound familiar.  This time period is all about bringing our shadows into the light. In the ancient Egyptian Book of The Dead it is said, “When the right eye (sun) and left eye (moon) of Horus become one, all will be revealed.”  The Grand Cardinal Cross brings added and laser sharp focus to this particular April 2014 Eclipse energy and insists that things will change.

          This weeks Solar eclipse is called “annular” rather than “total” because the moon is further from the earth and will not cover the sun completely creating the effect of a ring of fire around the darkened sun.  This metaphor is not lost on me.  Ezekiel always has said that we jump through a ring of fire into transformation so how very appropriate!  Although the eclipse will not be visible for most of us, it  will be seen over the oceans of Antarctica and partially in Australia.

          The new moon is always a great time to evaluate where you are, what you have learned, what you are committed to, whom you are with and where you are going all grounded in Taurus the bull.  Talk about clarity.  Where ever you are not in alignment with your soul plan or greatest good, this will create an aperture (lens) through which to focus and bring clarity to your progress as the GCC insists that you do.

          There is another interesting way to look at this timely new Moon solar eclipse in Taurus as it repeats an astronomical cycle called the “Saros Cycle,” which happens about every 18 years. The last such configuration when the Saros Cycle was exact was in April, 1996. Think back to what was going on in your life at that time.  For me it was a year of radical change personally and it redefined my work as well as my life.  Now let’s add to the mix the most recent Blood Moon and the Grand Cardinal Cross. As I study what I have learned and where I am headed now, I clearly see I am already going through a similar major life change as in April, 1996 but X100! …  letting go and recreating of much of what I stepped into back then in ways I could have never imagined before.  Turn your lens back in time and see what you discover.

          Don’t worry.  No matter how things appear right now they are unfolding your new life and creations perfectly. One excellent astrologer summed up the GCC cross and this time frame beautifully. "The Capricorn-Cancer opposition in the sky right now is daring us to delve deeply (Pluto) into our beliefs (Jupiter), a life-changing process. The Libra square is urging us to do justice to our ideals. The Uranus square in Aries is giving us the courage to do so. - See more at: http://mothersky.com/2014/04/stole-jupiter/#sthash.A9IzEl0J.dpuf

           So, to sum it all up.  Let your personal heart lens open wide in clarity and light during this Solar Eclipse as you let go of what no longer fits your upgraded frequency. Spend less and less time in that old space and Catch the Magic of possibilities and potential in the light of the new.  Have a great week and take care of who you are!

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