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Are you stuck in your stories?

Nancy Joy - Monday, August 22, 2011

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August 22, 2011

Nancy Joy's Video

“Every time you tell a story about your life, you give it more energy to recreate it”      Ezekiel

 As we have been discussing in my Reflections lately, it is time to be VERY mindful of how our thoughts and feelings create our reality.  We are creating a New Earth.  All of us share our stories (difficult and joyful) from time to time with people close to us.  This can be healing when you use that telling to reframe the experience into creating a new pattern if it’s an unpleasant story or expanding the joy of a beautiful experience. 

 The problem arises is that we get stuck in our stories and usually the ones we are stuck in are unpleasant.  It is beyond time to STOP recreating your past.  Leave your unpleasant stories behind you and create and expand the new reality you wish to experience as we go through the shift.  So, if you find yourself sharing the story of let’s say your horrible divorce yet one more time, become consciously competent.  Change the story to reframe it creating an energy field of a higher vibration. 

 If you have told any particular story many times over the years, it is past time to create a new one.  You are only detouring your personal healing and delaying your awareness of your power to create incredible opportunities.   We all know that like attracts like, so what could you possible gain by revisiting the old pain without changing it? Today take just a moment to go over the past week and see if you have shared any of these stories and pick one to reframe in your mind and your heart right now.  This is an excellent tool to help you move through these times.  Learn how in today’s video.

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