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Nancy Joy - Monday, May 21, 2012

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April May 14, 2012

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Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy,

absentminded. Someone sober

will worry about things going badly.

Let the lover be.


From Essential Rumi

by Coleman Barks

I have been in a wildly fantastic, blissful and joyful place for some time now.  How amazing is that?  Following this thread of “feel good” this morning as the rising sun caught the shadow of the solar eclipse (May 20th), I felt enlivened by the playfulness of the shadow and the light. “This is magic!” I thought and then I realized the magic was my own I am presence. My awareness of its existence.

I have talked to many friends lately that are feeling and experiencing this undeniable grace as an undercurrent even when there may be chaos and  dramas in their lives. That’s how I know the frequency of the heart and of this planet have changed.  This is true integration. Both things existing in the same moment and that moment as Rumi says is love.  Be crazy with it.

If you are not in this place or have lost that thread, it is still there and more easily reached than ever before. It’s almost as simple as a choice you make.  So, acknowledge the drama, the uncomfortable feelings and then choose to change and transform them.  Begin with gratitude.  Focus on all the wonderful things in your world. If you believe there are none, your ego has taken control.  This is not the truth.  Refuse to believe it.  Start with one simple thing and allow the shadow to bring the light into focus.

 Who could not feel good about the breeze rustling emerald green leaves under a crystal blue sky?  I am watching a blue bird couple build a nest right outside my office window.  The come every year to remind me that there is always an opportunity to build a new consciousness and seed it with eggs ready to burst forth.

So, if you are not feeling the magic this morning, it is you who have lost connection with it. It is still there are strong a flow as ever. I am not talking "love and light" here to cover the painful feelings so much as the integration of all things into a new frequency that is taking over the earth despite outside realities. There is a thread of bliss stitching up the wounds and creating a new reality.   Let me know if you are feeling it.  If you are, keep right on sewing and singing. 

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