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Between the Elipses∕ Empty Space!

Nancy Joy - Monday, October 13, 2014


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ReflectionsOctober 13,  2014  Between the Eclipses/ Empty Space!

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 “TRY”...Song that fits this weeks message!

      We now find ourselves between the two eclipse (October 8 and 23) and well into Mercury Retrograde. As I have been continuing with my free sessions and more in-depth ones, a theme has surfaced with almost everyone in the space between the eclipses.  It’s hard to verbalize and explain this recurring space that surfaces through these sessions because each person has a different response to it.  For some it surfaces as aloneness or even loneliness; some call it the“ if only” space. If only…then everything would be all right.  If only is a mind pattern of the matrix that takes you no where and diminishes your ability to create.  You feel as if you’re not creating and you are stuck going no where.

      Often you might feel you should be doing something but you don’t know what that might be. It’s so easy to fill this space with programmed inadequacy. Is this space sounding like familiar territory to you?   Anyway you describe it, it seems to be an empty space that needs filling because it is uncomfortable… that emptiness.  Through our shadow programming we have been conditioned to believe there is something wrong when we feel this space and that could not be further from the truth.  Sometimes all our processing would have us sit in the emptiness and fill it with self doubt (try harder...I'm not good enough) and yet, it is actually a doorway into the void where all creation truly takes place.

     As Ezekiel has so eloquent shared: This is a holy space.  As a creator and star being, you created this empty space between the spaces.  Its time to consciously shift your conditioned response to this space to one that recognizes it is has as important to you as your heart that beats and your eyes that see.  It is a space that you are always seeking to fill and have been filling inadvertently with amazing adventure, trust, change, expansion and connection to source.  Think of this dear ones; the very emptiness of this space is the void out of which all creation manifests. Just as an empty stomach calls you to fill its coiffeurs with whatever food you create so to this empty space calls you into creation.  It is a doorway home to oneness.  Every time this space surfaces, it is a call to sink into the emptiness and find gratitude for all you creations and breath life into new ones and be aware that again it will surface and push you even further into your spectacular self simply because it is calling you to be filled.  The exciting part is that once you recognize this gift, you can choose to fill it with all things true and wonderful, things that define your passion and your inner light.

     As I drifted back into some more recent empty spaces of my own, I realized that the very stillness and discomfort of this empty space, pushed me into creation.  I went through such a period last October before I began my free mini sessions. Once I embraced the stillness, the guidance came to create these sessions and they have been an amazing expansion for me. Seven years ago the empty uncomfortable space pushed me into writing my book The Wounded Heart.  Going back even further this space pushed me into my weekly Reflections which I LOVE doing…and so on.  So I encourage you to reprogram the emotional response to this space and catch the magic of your own creation. Set yourself free by changing your shadow response.  (See my video above to learn a short reprogramming technique that Ezekiel taught me.)

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