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Be Willing To LET GO!

Nancy Joy - Monday, December 09, 2013

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 Reflections  December 9, 2013     Be Willing To Let Go! 

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One sunny morning BJ and I were enjoying a cup of our fresh, locally grown coffee, looking out over the whole Kona Coast from atop our perch on Rabbit Hill Road. We were talking about detaching from the things we hold so dear in our lives when he said, "You know, Tony, you don't really have to let go of anything; you just have to be willing to."     Tony Burroughs  The Code

 While most of us are able to access and even hang out in amazing inner knowing and peace these days, the uncertainty about how our crumbling reality will rearrange itself leads me often from a vision of my new reality to some of the things I hold dear that may be leaving or changing.  The troubling word of the day is sometimes “uncertainty.”  This of course is always the case.  Almost everything is uncertain and yet the certainty of our connection, oneness, compassion and love is untouchable.

 One morning Ezekiel pointed out that all relationships in human form will end one day with life mates, partners, children, pets, friends and so on.  That was sobering until I realized that I actually came here to experience and let go.  I came here to love and remember that this never ends but rather is the one and only constant.  I came here to move through the illusion into creation and in that way, of course, there is no ending but change, yes indeed always there is change.

 So, in these crazy times, I am deciding to enjoy all my blessings, lessons and opportunities in the moment and as much as possible, not attaching myself to them.  One thing I know, hanging on to anything that is transmuting only causes pain, drama and discomfort.  Yet when you are willing to let go, things so often stay with you in one form or another.  For example, when a beloved horse that had been in my life over 25 years, transitioned, I of course, felt the gift of the sweet memories and the grief of the physical absence of my beloved Randy but as days and weeks  passed,  soon I found him, still with me in my heart waiting to guide me. He walks with me often now and there is no pain only joy associated with our connection.

 I am reminded of the transporters in the Star Trek series where we watch someone literally disappear before our very eyes only to manifest again in wholeness in a new location.  Unless we are aware of that possibility, we may never realize they are still existing somewhere else and yet they remain imprinted in our hearts.  So as the Holidays draw closer, take inventory of all the things you are willing to let go of and trust that what is truly yours remains always in some form or another. When I marry couples I always use the words I promise to love you forever no matter what form that love my take.”   Watch the material things come, go and shift and realign with the imprint of love and, as always, Catch the Magic.  Join me and thousands of others across the planet participating in this amazing  Earth Healing Meditation  (Hint/skip the ad at the begiining).  It is really powerful and a daily practice for me.

 ‘Tis The Season…

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