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Beyond the Four Directions∕ A New Look

Nancy Joy - Monday, May 28, 2012

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April May 28, 2012

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"Among the People, a child's first Teaching is of the Four Great Powers of the Medicine Wheel. To the North is found Wisdom. The South is the place of Innocence and Trust. The West is the Looks-Within Place, which speaks to our introspective Nature. The East is the Place of Illumination, where we can see things clearly, far and wide....  Native American Teaching

Directions are specified and defined by usage in some ways.  In astrology there are cardinal points delineating direction.  On the compass they are points of location on our earth.  To aboriginal cultures they have meaning and vibration.  In the void or expanded vibrations, just as there is no time or space, there are no directions.

I have been using an inner directional system that Ezekiel gave me some years back that I connect to the Native American directions every day.  This seems to be more of a Universal placement in the cosmos of our heart from which all creation blooms.  So this Memorial Day weekend here in the USA, I have been guided to share this with all of you.  Give it a try and N’Joy!  There is something very grounding and expanding about this ritual integrating the illusion without and the reality within.

You can sit or stand in a sacred location in your home or on your land and begin by facing North (Not too sure why it was given to me this way but it certainly is powerful) Palms crossed over my heart.

I bring the North/Consciousness into my heart.

I bring East/Creation into my heart.

I bring South/Manifestation into my heart

I bring West/Integration into my heart.

I bring Above (galactic)/ expansion into my heart.

I bring Below/ Gaia-Awareness into my heart.

I bring Within/ my I am Presence which is my heart.

Just breathe in this space.  Palms crossed over your heart.  Hmmmmm.

Have a great week and I will be back next week with exciting sharing on the forthcoming Venus Transit June 5/6..A once every 120 year event.

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