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Breaking Out of the Matrix-Try It!

Nancy Joy - Monday, November 29, 2010

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November 22, 2010 

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“Don't be afraid to go where you've never gone and do what you've never done,  because both are necessary to have what you've never had and be who you've never been.”  The Universe through Jonette Crowely

This says it like it is. Folks ask me all the time why they can’t make a living moving into their passion and spiritual gifts.  I say they can if they are willing to experience a life that they have never ventured to open too.  As we create the new reality we must create out of the matrix of the old one.  It’s never easy to break through the frequency fence of programmed thought.  Emotions can either keep your in place or catapult you further.  I choose the later.

Tomorrow wake up and dare to do what you have never dared to do before. Take a big or a small step through a matrix and feel the freedom of the shift lift you.

Coming for 2011 and 2012: A series of sacred journeys and retreats to Activate and Anchor the Mayan Calendar’s  the 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness  in our hearts and in on our planet!  Ride The Wave

© January 22-23, 2011  TO LOVE IT ALL Emotional Healing                               Retreat in Iowa!   FIND OUT MORE!

© EGYPT   Riding the 9th Wave  March 8-16, 2011

  “Activating the 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness”  Egypt March 2011 Flier

© "CRUISE INTO 2012 — Surfing the 9th Wave"  www.cruiseinto2012.com  Seminar at Sea  March, 2011

© PERU      Riding the 9th Wave    June 17-30, 2011

    Anchoring and Activating the 9th Wave in the Andes       

 June Solstice 2011 Tour

© GLASTONBURY     Riding the 9th Wave    Sept. 19-26,2011

Filling our Chalice: Activating the Holy Grail                          with the magic of Merlin.                                    


© YUCATAN   Riding the9th Wave  October 24-November 3, 2011                            

Anchoring and Activating in the 9th wave in the land of the Maya                


© NEW ZEALAND Riding the 9th Wave  Spring Equinox 2012

            Anchoring and Activating  the 9th Wave in the New Heart Chakra


 © EGYPT     DECEMBER 21, 2012      Riding the 9th Wave

             Gateway to the New Reality   12/16-23, 2012                                                          Private Nile Cruise                                                          http://heartlights.net/Egypt-2012-Gateway.pdf

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