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Nancy Joy - Monday, May 23, 2011

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May 23, 2011 

Nancy Joy's Video

“People don’t always build walls to keep people out. Sometimes they build walls to see who loves them enough to break the walls down and touch their hearts.”   Nancy Joy

This tidbit touched me deeply as I pondered several relationships in my life.  I have alluded to a most recent lost friendship and my heart opened just realizing that I, too, built some walls in response, and unintentionally created my own walls to keep my vulnerable heart safe.  There is a slim difference between keeping your heart safe and risking really opening your heart.  As Ezekiel always says, there is nothing more powerful than an open, vulnerable heart with strong personal boundaries. After all, why would I need to be afraid if I had healthy personal boundaries in place

I realized as I questioned this dance, that I had an opportunity to break down my own walls and reach out to offer my friend to do the same.  If you never ask; if you never take the risk; the answer is always no.  I chose to take the risk and grow.  After all, you aren’t really moving on if your feelings keep pulling you back.

Sit with this one for a bit and see what relationships you have in your past that have the potential for healing if only you were courageous enough to reach out and listen to your heart and not your ego.  I did just that over the past several days and like a flower slowly opening there seems to be new life activating healing for us both.

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