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Chaos is simply energy waiting for order

Nancy Joy - Monday, August 01, 2011

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August 1, 2011

Nancy Joy's Video

Chaos is only energy waiting to be rearranged in order. 

This way of stating what we are experiencing now is very powerful and I am urged this week to ask all of you to remember that your thoughts empowered by your feelings draw to you everything you experience.  This is, of course, the law of attraction.  Yet it is my awareness that it is up to us conscious beings that know this and believe this to step up to the plate and walk our talk.  There is way too much talk of the pending economic “crises” and how it will affect us.  And, way too much concern and fear is vibrating from almost everyone drawing exactly what we don’t want to be created.

Put simply folks, it is time to be come VERY conscious of your thoughts and feelings.  Not just sometimes when you are meditating but all the time!  A very prominent and wealthy man was asked how he was preparing for the looming economic crises and he replied simply.  “I choose not to participate.” No wonder he is wealthy. In other words, he doesn’t have his head in the sand.  He knows what is going on but he is consciously choosing to create a different reality and I and am quite sure he will.

As Barbara Hand Clow says in her wonderfully accurate book Catastrophobia, we have an ancient mind pattern in our cells that keeps creating catastrophes simply by continuing to dwell on them.  You know, you are what you think about.  We are NOT experiencing catastrophes.  We are experiencing chaos out of which we will create incredible new realities.

The problem with most of the protests going on is they are based on dualistic belief systems.  It is time to create a new kind of human voice coming together in harmony, joy and exhilaration. A protest  by definition is an expression of objection.  Instead of objections all over the place, replace them with creations, the world as you chose to see and feel it.  That is the real shift…not poles and revolutions.  I have more to say in today’s video for those who chose to catch the magic .  N’Joy.

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