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Conscious Transformation: Are You An Eagle?

Nancy Joy - Monday, January 23, 2012

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January 23, 2012

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Perhaps you are getting as tired as I am of the metaphor of the worm turning into a butterfly as an explanation of our birthing of the New Reality.  Well, it seems that nature has given us an even more powerful teacher to show us ourselves as we undertake this incredible transformation.   It is the eagle.  After learning more about the eagle’s life, I could feel deeply the beauty of his/her journey as it reflects my own.  Allow me to share.  Perhaps you will find yourself here as I did.

  • The eagle has the longest life span of any bird and can live up to 70 years or so. To reach that age he must make a hard decision.
  • At about age 40 eagle’s talons loss their ability to grab prey for food.  The long sharp beak becomes bent and its feather almost too heavy to fly.  There are only two options at this point…die or go through a 150 day painful (That is an assumption that this is painful) process of transformation and rebirth.
  • If eagle decides to continue, he returns to his nest in the mountains where he sits for the next five months or so, first knocking his beak against the rocks until it becomes weak enough to pluck out.
  • Now Eagle must wait for his new, sharp beak to grow in and then pluck out his useless old talons.
  • When new, healthy talons grow back, Eagle then plucks off his old, heavy feathers.
  • Finally after fives months, new feathers have grown in and eagle takes his famous flight of rebirth, living another 30.

First, may I say, I prefer Eagles journey because he is conscious of every step of his transformation unlike the caterpillar that falls asleep and awakens as a butterfly. Eagle chooses his destiny and must actively participate to create it. As I read about this incredible journey, I became aware how very much like our journeys his is on an emotional level.  The changes occurring on our planet and within our lives pushes us to, at some point,  pause and go within because we can no longer function so easily.  We must decide consciously if we will stay asleep and die or undertake to awaken and change. (Kind of like choosing the red pill or the blue pill in the Matrix movie). If we choose to awaken and change, we realize that the old ways we have practiced no longer work.  Many are useless to us so we begin the long and sometimes painful process of dissembling our old ways creating new, healthy beliefs and patterns to replace them.  After a time, we emerge and our souls beckon us to take our famous flight of rebirth into a new world offering us amazing new opportunities and possibilities.  

We are still ourselves but we fly freely having gone through the changes necessary to lighten and our loads and see the world through new eyes, creating new ways as we go.  Thank you eagle.  I am inspired by you.

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