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December 21, 2012 The Heart Shift!

Nancy Joy - Friday, December 21, 2012

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 Reflections   December 21, 2012  Catch the Magic

December 21, 2012  No Video Today

WHEW!  I had an amazing experience and meditation early this morning as I connected to the collective universe during the time of the exact alignment of the three suns.  I followed the You Tube broadcast created by Drunvelo as he has been a mentor and teacher for me since I studied with him in the early 90’s. We were guided into a heart connection so profound that I have no words…a cosmic all knowing love so expansive that “in the blink of an eye” I traveled into myself in a way I never have.  I am still integrating the experience but I can say I am living in my heart ever since. I know you are each experiencing this day in your own way as you all are birthing the cosmic OM heard  everywhere in creation. (Click on this link.  Go to the second video and register then click play.  Do this any day if you are busy today.) Drunvelo's Meditation

I will be in Tallahassee with my grandchildren tomorrow and I will be connecting again next week as the New Year arrives.  I wanted to share today on the very special Winter Solstice, Mary Fitzpatrick’s astounding beautiful message from Gaia below.  It is profound.  Mary channels our Mother Earth. Enjoy the message as Gaia shares the birthing with all of you. Connect with Mary from the link below.  Blessings to you all!  Breathe into your hearts and feel the true shift of the ages!  See you next week as our New Reality expands from our heart across the all time and space.

  Messages from Gaia

From Gaia

Feel the hush.  It’s hard to breathe as the reality of the impending birth sinks into my heart, my soul.

The womb, place of the gestation of new life, is now empty.  The new life form is in the birth canal, is birthing, being pushed out, entering the earth…reaching, stretching, rejoicing to bring the new, be the new.

One more push and the new is born, enters our world, joins our world, becomes our world and we are one.


Feel the quiet excitement, the joy, the celebration.  It’s happened!  The new is here.  The separation is healed!!!

Who knew.  We thought this day, this time, was far away in the distant future.  Many never sensed it as even a possibility.  But now, now, yes NOW, it is a reality!

Surely some intuitively knew it was possible, even sensed its approach.  But now?  Us? Here?? Surely, that’s impossible, too good to be true.

But we’re not ready.  The earth is a mess.  The timing must be off, the birth premature.

No, my dear children, beloved ones, precious partners, my dear darling co-creators.  How is the new birthed?  Do plants emerge in their mature form?  Are animals and people birthed in their adult stage?

No!  The seed is small, babies fragile.  They are new and fresh, perfect bearers of the new.  And I, the One who births, I know the timing.  It’s now!  Let’s dance and celebrate, rejoice!

Be happy.  Look around you.  The old order is collapsing.  It has outlived its usefulness.  Let it go.  A fire is spreading across the earth, the old is dying, the new is being born.  Know for sure that the Goddess is rising.

What is the new?  You need only look within your heart to see:

Harmony-all creation attuned and held in the same energy.

Peace-inside and out, no more striving and fruitless searching.  The new, before unseen, is now visible.  Touch it and know that it is true.

Love-truly all is contained in this pervasive, all-encompassing love.  Always love, only love, nothing else.  The illusions are vanishing, let them disappear.

All you need will be provided.  All wisdom, all love, all gifts-they are already along the path you will take. Just walk with open hands and open hearts and they will appear.  Feel the joy of this discovery.

As the Goddess rises, so does love.  Separateness is no more.

Take my hand, beloved ones, and each others hands.  From the dust of stars we will create beauty together, always together.  The broken will be healed, the web of life restored to glorious perfection.  The broken will be joined in wonderful wholeness.  Nature will be beautiful beyond our wildest imagination.

Breathe in the truth of this loveliness.  Be peaceful amidst the storms.  Know that all is well, that this birthing is a time of great joy.

Rest against the bosom of the Goddess for she is love, tender and gentle.  Join the rhythm of her quietly beating heart.  Time slips away as this stillness brings all into a oneness that cannot be divided.

You are loved.  Indeed you are love.  Love overflowing.  The Goddess, the Mother loves you.  Rest in this.  Breathe it into your heart.

I love you, says the Goddess.  We are one.

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