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December Solstice 2011

Nancy Joy - Monday, December 19, 2011

Private sessions with Ezekiel and Nancy Joy.  What a bargain. Save $25 on each session.

    The Heartlights Holiday Session Special Is Back!


December 19, 2011

Nancy Joy's Video

Solstice is upon us once again! On the darkest day of the year, there is the promise of increasing light. Solstice arrives this year on December 21 at 11:30 pm CST.  No matter where you are this holiday week; how you are celebrating; or what religion you practice; it is a special time.  It is special because it is a time that much of the world is focused on family, friends and feelings of the heart. It is a time of powerful creation.

  “The greatest gift of all this holiday season would be for every person to resolve to make two changes in their lives.  The first:  No more secrets and lies to yourself or to others.  The second: Stop trying to change and manipulate others to make you feel better. Change yourself instead by taking responsibility for your own life and experiences and you will soon loose that level of frustration and resentment that continually needs to blame. When the blame is gone,  your universe will align itself to your vision. The power for change lies in each individual.  One person at time and soon you world will heal.”   Ezekiel

 Below again is the Solstice Breakthrough Visualization for those who choose to participate.  The only change I would suggest is to hold your vision for 68 seconds.  It has been scientifically proven that this is the amount of time it takes to change a thought pattern and establish a new one. (A good one to remember and use!)  Have a wonderful and joyous holiday where ever your heart takes you.  See you again in 2012!

Massive Worldwide Visualization for a Breakthrough!

I love this time of year because it is time for the Heartlights Holiday Session special.  This draws so many of you into my field and I value and treasure the renewed and increased sharing it brings to my heart.  If you are new and have never experienced Ezekiel and me, please jump right in.  If it’s time for a tune-up this is a nudge. You can purchase online before January 1, 2012 up to three sessions for only$65 and they never expire. Take the leap. I would love to connect with you. Also the New Zealand tour is in full swing now and if you send your deposit before December 10 there is an additional $200 discount (another nudge) NZ TOUR INFO

18 Guided Meditations by Nancy Joy & Ezekiel only $19.99

  New Zealand    Living in the Heart/ A New Zealand Odyssey March 11-24, 2012   Check It Out!

Egypt    Where will you be December 21, 2012?   Dec. 16-23

Gateway to The New Reality: Private Nile Cruise Only 11 spots left!!!! Sign up soon.

December 21, 2012 Heartlights Journey






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