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Nancy Joy - Monday, September 19, 2011

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September 19, 2011      An Equinox Repeat

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Earn a living do what you love! said the Master. But, its going to be risky. sighed the student. Being ones self involves no risks. Being ones self is the ultimate truth. Anything else is a deception. The Master said.

As one who has spent last 32 years of life earning a living doing what I love, I feel I am qualified to share some insights I have learned along the way. I have met resistance, jealousy and excuses as I have walked my path since my awakening. Family and friends worry about me not having a real job with benefits. Silly when you think I have the most real job with universal benefits. Those who are jealous are often resentful and feel things have been handed to me. Again, this is amusing as it is their own souls greatest desires singing to their hearts and their own resistance to taking the risk that truly angers them. I am only holding up the mirror.

This is Spring Equinox, the perfect time and energy to give birth to your work of passion on the planet. If these words are opening your heart this Monday morning take a few moments to evaluate your life and ask yourself if you are doing work you love. Some of you are right where you belong, radiating consciousness and changing hearts of those around you in the jobs you have.. You are awakeners. If you are struggling, either move into gratitude for the work your are doing and see how your consciousness is touching people lives, or walk away and create a new reality. These are some feelings to swim in this morning. Listen to my video to find out more

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