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Earth Changes and Post Traumatic Stress

Nancy Joy - Monday, March 21, 2011

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March 21, 2011 


 "The moment you come to trust chaos, you see God clearly.  Chaos is divine order, versus human order.  Change is divine order, versus human order.  When the chaos becomes safety to you, then you know you're seeing God clearly".  Carolyn Myss   

 That’s a hard one to digest and even though my mind understands the physics of this (you can’t change the form of something until you destruct its present form), my emotions react differently.  And yet, it is true you know.  Every change and expansion in consciousness and in the physical is always preceded by moments, hours, and days or longer of chaos.  We’ve discussed the chaos of giving birth and rebuilding after destruction and so on quite a lot in my Reflections and yet the emotions of such huge earth changes coming at us so quickly is hard to integrate.

 And, of course, chaos at a distance is easier then chaos in our towns, homes, family and especially within ourselves. I am keenly aware of this as I watch the people of Japan, Christ Church, Haiti, New Orleans, Indonesia and the Gulf Coast struggle in the midst of the destruction and loss that came upon them suddenly and swiftly changing their lives in a heart beat.  How will our planet deal with this huge body of human Post Traumatic Stress? I have often thought while working through emotions with Ezekiel that an entirely integrated emotional field would feel much like ecstasy.  So, I am not routinely there yet and in fact I don’t know anyone who is because we are human.  Although there are moments, minutes and even hours when I am able to sit in chaos and feel the calm of change invigorating every cell in my body, it is only a glimpse of my potential.  For now, maybe it’s not about being emotionally comfortable with the chaos but recognizing that our feelings are taking us into ourselves and offering us an energy of creation. Find out more… WATCH NANCY JOY'S VIDEO

 Read a Great Astrological Report by friend Bonnie  on this Full Moon/ Equinox at the end of this Email!

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Astrology Report on the Full Moon and Equinox Event  by Bonnie Ogren

The Virgo Full Moon/Pisces Illumination may or may not be out in time for the exact lunation illumination on Saturday at 1:10 AM, CDT but I wanted to give advance notice of this very powerful SuperMoon.  The Moon is at perigee, closer than usual to the Earth.  There have been other perigees and there will be more this year.  However, this is the closest that the Moon will be to the Earth this year.  This Full Moon is also almost aligned with the Vernal Equinox which occurs March 20, 2011 at 6:21 PM.CDT. 

 The Vernal Equinox by itself is a powerful event with the Sun at the Equator, a balance point of day and night as well as a weakening of the Earth's magnetic field.  At this Equinox the Sun will be united with Uranus now in Aries.  [The Sun is in Pisces at 29 degrees and Uranus is at 1 degree of Aries.  There are only 30 degrees in each sign].  This is the closest alignment of the Sun and Uranus in 335 years!  One could say this signifies a SuperChangeAgent event that heralds even more transformation.   Uranus is the agent of change, surprise, intuitive insight, recognition; a galactic messenger of a major shift.  And it is at a unity point with the Sun at the equator.  Humanity has been experiencing this growing alignment visible in all the shifts of physicality and consciousness.  Perhaps the exact meeting of the Sun and Uranus will be a culmination point of the currant divine re-ordering process. 

 All Full Moons since the Autumnal Equinox have occurred at the last degree of the sign.  This signifies too that we are completing the current lessons of those signs.  The 29th degree of a sign is called a crisis degree.  It has a mandate to complete the energetic lesson.

Keep in mind that Saturn is still retrograde and that we are letting go of non productive relationships on all levels and creating new internal and external boundaries. 

 At the Full Moon tides are higher and our bodies feel the pull as well.  A SuperMoon has super effects.  Rest, be patient, nurture yourself.  All is in divine order.   I'm fallowing this advice as I'm feeling very tired and spacy so will write more later.

 Bonnie Orgren, M.S.W.

Astrologer, Counselor, Healing Touch, Reiki












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