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Nancy Joy - Monday, September 26, 2011

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September 26, 2011

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Some of you may know, I have been with a group in England on our journey to Activate the Magic of Merlin (of course we are all Merlins who have forgotten our truth).  This trip was planned and actually filled months ago, before most of us (me anyway) had any conscious awareness of Elenin (the comet, dwarf start or ship visiting our solar system).  I am not going into detail but there is plenty of info on the net for those who are as yet unaware of all the chatter.

Now, today, as you are receiving this, is September 26, although I am actually writing it on 9/11.  This is the day that Elenin comes closest to our earth and there as are so many different projections out there to name a few: total destruction; magnetic pole shift;it doesn't exist; it’s already broken up; it's the Hopi's Blue Kachina; and it is coming to assist humanity.  It is obvious that no one knows with any certainty in what ways we will be affected.

I find it very interesting that our Merlin Group was originally scheduled for a private sunrise ceremony at Stonehenge on Equinox 9/22.  Then I was informed that they are closing Stonehenge that day to all visitors!  WHAT?  So, we were rescheduled to this morning, September 26!!!!!  I find this powerful and curious. As I am so conscious of the grid work we are all doing, I am sure we will be anchoring and stabilizing the grid in some way.  No need to even know more but just to be there as a group heart holding space for this wanderers (Elenin) return visit.

Initially, I was admittedly very uncomfortable being away from my husband, family, friends and my home at this time, but I awoke a few days later in such beautiful place.  This is the time we have come to experience and those of us experiencing it consciously have everything to be happy about.  I have no idea what today will bring for me, the group or the planet but I do know the truth is in my heart and the collective hearts of humanity are changing reality. 

I invite you this Monday morning to bring us into your hearts as well as our planet and Elenin and we will be doing the same.  Have a great experience today.  Stay centered in your being and your connection to Spirit. I will be back next Sunday October 3 with more to share.

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