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Fetal Stem Cells - Cath The Magic!

Nancy Joy - Monday, April 02, 2012

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March 26, 2012

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"They've been called magic seeds. They have the potential to cure disease, regenerate organs, and even prolong life. And they could completely alter the way we practice medicine" - Fortune Magazine

Of course Fortune Magazine is referring to fetal stem cells and their ability to cure and heal the human body.  Can you imagine a world with very little disease, painful surgeries, toxic drugs or illness?  Well, I can and have.  In my heart I have always known that just as in nature, the cure we need is always right at hand.  In this case in the human body and in it’s ability to create, lays our ability to create a new reality.

Bear with me here.  I have known this in my heart about the fetal stem cells potential to change our lives but I just recently finished the most amazing book by Dr. William C Rader called Blocked in the USA- The Stem ell Miracle.

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I learned about fetal stem cells inside and out and read first hand accounts of some of over 1500 cases of amazing healing from such horrendous health challenges as HIV, Parkinsons, Heart Disease, Cancer, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Epilepsy, Aging and on and on the list goes.  This is 2012 and it is the age of awakening.  All things hidden shall be revealed and this is surely one of them.  No wonder fetal stem cells have been locked in the shroud of the Christian Right to Life, and the medical and pharmaceutical industries attempt to block the awakening.  I suggest you learn the truth about where fetal stem cells can come from and that just one fetus from a still birth or miscarriage can help 1 million people lead pain free, happy healthy lives.  It is actually as simple as an organ donation from loss of life.

Anyway, moving on here.  Only fetal stem cells (those cells creating the new human inside the womb) are pluripotent free agents, meaning that these are the ONLY cells that contain the entire “database” of the human body. They have the ability to become any of the bodies 220 cell types.  Also these fetal cells have a telomere which is like a protective arm at the end of a chromosome that protects the cell from injury.  That’s enough medical jargon, but please do read the book and pass it on to anyone you know working through health challenges at this time.  The wave of truth will win out in the end.

Now, here is the mirror that I was given as I compared the fetal stem cells with us.  In a sense, we have the opportunity to know how, through our expanded consciousness and connection to source, to create a new, healthy reality that will take down the old systems that are destroying our bodies, our minds and our planet. I see us as remembering who are in our purest form…  original cells with the capability to extend our telomeres which are our awakened minds and connection to source and form the blue print within our hearts, create the new.   Maybe this is a stretch for some of you, but I became so impassioned as I read this book and this was followed by visions and dreams of those cells within my brain expanding reality as we know it, I just had to share.  There is a message and a reflection in everything.

We live in the most exciting of times and we are the creators that can choose to act as these fetal stem cells and create anew from our original blue print.  Did you know that the first human organ formed from the original zygote of human creation is the heart?  It is all of who we are.  I hope you will take a moment to feel this opportunity and see it as yourself as you we were truly always intended to be…happy, healthy creators.  Be sure to read Dr Rader’s book  and Catch the Magic!  Have a great week.

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