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Nancy Joy - Monday, May 02, 2011

Find peace in our chaotic world!  Find Out How!

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May 2, 2011 

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A client asked me during a recent session how he could know what is true.  There is as much mis-information as there is valid sharing going around the net these days that it has become over whelming to navigate through.  He asked me how I knew what is true, what it is safe to believe.

I answered, “I just know in my heart what feels right and until that shifts, it is my point of truth in the moment.  I don’t, however, become fundamental and attach myself to a particular piece of information or belief most of the time.  Your heart doesn’t always lead you on the easiest path but it does always lead you on the path that is best for your healing and growth.  If you are confused and frustrated, know that your ego is probably trying to maintain control as you begin to break through to new realities.  For example, when I first discovered years ago, that much of our belief systems are based on mind patterns created to control us and keep us from our potential and power, I was shocked.  I didn’t want to go deeply into that journey but my heart pushed me forward.  “What are you afraid of it asked?  Knowledge always replaces fear.”

In some ways, by now, I have discovered that it almost doesn’t matter what craziness of mental constructs are whizzing around me.  It affects me only to the extent that this information creates feelings to move through and greater depth to explore.  I use them to grow, not the other way around.  They do not use me.  That is my point of consciousness.

I have found this to be good advice.  Now when I hear some new information that is way out of my box, I feel for a hook to latch onto.  I feel for a breath of release and a voice that says perhaps?  At this point I am willing to explore new vistas.  Some things my heart leads me into have proven to be not the final destination and yet, it was the journey that was the real deal.  Find out more about how to know if it your heart guiding you. Channeling the Heart!

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