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Nancy Joy - Monday, April 21, 2014

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Reflections:   April 21, 2014   GCC Pure Transformational Magic

Nancy Joy's Video

   In this current version, pure transformational magic is now being stirred by powerful, hidden forces into a mystical treasure; one having profound implications for our evolution as a human race. Consider the enormous pressure a piece of coal undergoes before becoming a brilliant diamond.  Starman Astrology 

    Wow!  That Blood Moon on the 14/15 was one of the most amazing celestial sites I have seen.  Whether you saw it or not you were changed by it and downloaded as it triggered the memory of the light of Christ Consciousness on a cellular level.  Folks have been sending me some of their Blood Moon experiences and there is no doubt that the Spring Equinox portal activated a quickening on our planet that feels energetically super sonic.  In the quote above, Joseph Mina most accurately described these astrological events just as I am feeling them.

    So now we move onto April 23/24 this Wednesday as the GCC goes direct.  I don’t expect a cataclysmic event and anyone who predicts its trajectory is most likely mistaken because we are held prisoner by our human minds much of the time and as Ezekiel puts it…you cannot yet conceive of what is truly unfolding as events, only as results. Yet these events are coded and infused with sacred intention like nothing our planet has ever experienced before.  Astonishing comes to mind on a deep inner level of transformation.  The challenges of the GCC are increasing your light and as you respond from the space of love, your inner world spins to align with your deepest desires.  Eye on the Prize sums it up.  Do not be distracted by what is not occurring.

    Pay attention to your thoughts.  Redirect ones that pull you back into your shadow patterns.  Chose to live freely in all situations.  It’s not the illusion of the circumstance that defines you but the light with which you live it. Opportunity spills from this portal opening the expansion of our very selves through which we are creating heaven on earth.  Metatron has an excellent sharing to pull things energetically into alignment. Metatron GCC Channel

  Enjoy and Catch Your OWN Magic.


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Last but far from leastJoin us for a life changing journey in 2014

SEDONA  Altars of the Red Earth /a Pilgrimage   May 11-16, 2014  Details

 Dolphin  Solstice 2014 Free Swim in Bimini…June 22-27  Details










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