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Going the Distance

Nancy Joy - Monday, October 01, 2012

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October 1, 2012

Nancy Joy's Video    Going The Distance

When you drive your vehicle from place to place, you have an awareness of you starting point as well as an awareness of where you are going.  You accept that you cannot get there instantaneously; you accept that you will travel the distance and, in time, you will arrive at your destination. And while you may feel anxious to get there and maybe even very weary and frustrated of the journey, you do not get discouraged at the midway point and turn around and go back to your starting place (blame, anger and victim hood).  You do not drive back and forth and back and forth from your starting point to the midway point and then finally collapse and give up from the never ending journey.  You have created a loop by resisting going the distance.

You do not announce your inability to accomplish your journey.  You accept the distance between your starting point and where you desire to be--you continue to move in the direction of your destination no matter what experiences you have created to learn in between...flat tires, road construction, traffic tickets, accidents, injury and so on.  You understand what is required!!!And you do it.

 Ezekiel asked me bring this up because now more than ever, this is NOT the time to throw in the towel because things aren’t manifesting as you intended or because the road blocks have caused an emotional meltdown.  It is a time to remember that when you agreed to come here at this time on planet earth, you agreed to be born onto the physical, experience all you have created for yourself to experience and learn and then transition.  You know you will reach this goal. No matter what besets you (illness, loss, lack, betrayal and so on) this particular journey will end when you reach your destination.

 So, if you set out this time to connect again with Godself, expand into Unity Consciousness and create a reality centered in love and compassion, be willing to go the distance through difficult initiations and tests and into discovering your self.  If you aren’t there yet it’s because you have not arrived at your destination.  Embrace the joy and the bliss as much as possible and allow them to shine understanding and light into your own darkness. Take responsibility for all your creations on the road and know also that your ability to learn how to move through them and continue towards your destination is the fuel that drives your vehicle along the pathway.

  Enjoy the magic of the dolphins again.  I am leaving this on up for a while.


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