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Hurricane Sandy Revisted

Nancy Joy - Monday, November 05, 2012

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November 5, 2012  

Nancy Joy's Video   Hurricane Sandy Revisited!

Many of you know that I was drawn to experience Hurricane Sandy as she joined me in Manhattan during the week my sister and I had planned our annual “sister” visit.  Three or four days before I left, I heard of the Mega storm that was being tracked and slowly moving along the East Coast having not yet moved onto shore.  The predictions for NYC were dire.  As I tuned in to see if I was to be there, the answer was a resounding “yes” in my heart.  OK I am a grid worker and have found myself in many a conundrum during my years of travel to vortexes and sacred sites.  I have found myself in uprisings in Peru, close to bombings in Egypt and was on the flight just before the Egypt Air flight that crashed going out of JFK.  I was almost arrested several times for creating “unauthorized” ceremony in several locations and on my list goes.  I always know I am where I have intended to be which doesn’t mean there aren’t concerns and feelings attached to my many varied experiences.

In l995 I took my very first Heartlights group to the Yucatan just north of Tulum in Puerto Aventuras.  On our second day there, Hurricane Roxanne took an unexpected turn into the coast, hitting us dead on with a Category 3 (almost 4) force with gusts up to 190 MPH and sustained Winds of 115 MPH! There we were right in the middle.  I was clearly guided and before we were evacuated to a shelter by the military, we stood in sacred circle on the rocks above the mounting waves in the howling wind and we connected our hearts with the heart of Roxanne—the eye of the storm.  Our prayer was not that the Hurricane dissipates but rather that it creates what it needed to balance our planet and that the personal injury to life be minimized.  We breathed love and compassion into Roxanne and continued to do so in our shelter over the next 14 hours.  We were allowed out to stand in the calm of the eye and the feeling of connection with the consciousness of the storm was as overwhelming as was the destruction around us.(You can read more about this experience in my novel The Wounded Heart.) As devastating as this Hurricane was to the Yucatan, when I returned only 6 months later the beauty and expansion of the area in such a short time was amazing!

Of course, that time I was unaware of the approaching threat of Roxanne which was not the case with my visit to Manhattan only two days before Sandy’s arrival. With the exception of the storm surge along the rivers and in lower Manhattan, we were spared the violent winds and flooding rains.  We rode out the night in my sister’s apartment on the 10th floor in Mid Town losing power around 8 PM Monday evening and following the storms path of destruction all around us on a battery powered radio.  Until we managed to fly out of the city from Newark Airport on Friday November 2, it was darkness, closed stores and restaurants and ever loss of cell signals and battery.  We walked many blocks uptown where there was power to find a bite to eat and charge our phones.  Our climb up only 10 flights of stairs to go home was mild compared to some in the city high rises.  Seeing NYC come to a silent stand still with all bridges closed and only the Lincoln tunnel open was somewhat uncomfortable but from the reports we were hearing, we were so lucky. My beloved Jersey Shore where I grew up spending my summers is decimated!

I had plenty of silent time to be still, connect with the heart of Sandy and come to some valuable understandings about what is happening on our earth with hurricanes, tsunamis etc and the opportunities created beyond the loss and destruction.  Please understand, I am not minimizing anyone’s journey through these upheavals that are on the rise but remember we all chose to come at this time and it is all in perfection on a certain level.  Here’s what I came to understand.

* Our planet is ascending into a higher frequency on 12:12:12 to rebirth itself on the famous date of December 21, 2012 without tipping on it axis or causing world wide death or destruction.  Just like a new born child is not yet ready to become an adult so too 2013 will begin a 33-36 year process of becoming.  This is what I call creating the New Earth and developing new structures in alignment with the higher frequencies.  We create our reality so we have a massive assignment just beginning.  There will continue to be these disruptive earth changes but our compassion and hearts will connect with the value and as we lessen our fear, we will lesson the destruction.

* Hurricanes create a tremendous charge of amped-up frequencies that are carried through water actually changing DNA  and bringing the planet into calibration with the increasing changes happening. (After all, we are mostly water are we not!) I found this much the same as the sonar of the dolphins in some ways as their frequencies create similar changes to the field on a more limited basis. I don’t care whether you believe these weather anomalies are manipulated by the PTB (powers that be) or created more naturally, they never-the-less re-energize, amplify and cleanse.  They are necessary for our evolution and assist in creating change.  Hurricanes also unfold generally in the sacred Fibonacci ratio.

*I understand that Global Warming is a fact and while I believe humans should live simpler live styles and not abuse Gaia, I also know that we are not the cause of the Global Warming.  It is time.  There were these cycles on the planet long before there were human to influence them.

*Please remember that we do create our reality.  So as an earth change begins to create itself to make an adjustment for our greater good, it is our conscious response to it that has more to do with what we experience and how its manifests than HAARP or any other manipulative frequency.  If you are experiencing it, you are to be there and ave the conscious opportunityt to direct its reality in your life and in the world.  The more fear generated by you and hyped by the media, the more abhorrent the results.  This does not mean do not be prepared!  If it is suggested you evacuate, do so and have the emergency supplies you need on hand for you and your family.  After all that is done, breathe and know that all is unfolding in divine perfection as we energize into the new ascended frequencies that are to become our norm in the not to distant future.

So, I guess I have learned to go where my heart guides me and experience what ever arises with as much integration, calmness and love as I can muster in any given moment.  If you should ever find yourself in the midst of such an experience, connect to source, breathe and listen to your intuition.  I feel it is an important practice to breath deeply into your heart and connect to source , your planet and your fellow human beings.  Ride the wave with grace.  Blessings and many prayers to those struggling right now to find a foot hold on which to begin a new.

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