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Nancy Joy - Monday, March 05, 2012

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March 5, 2012

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Try ceasing to identify who you are with your body, your name or the face in the mirror. Try observing your life from the point of view of the real you - eternal consciousness.  You are and will always be.  David Icke  The Lion Sleeps No More

We awakened ones (and you are or you wouldn’t be reading this) all know this but that is not enough.  What is required now to move yourself and this planet out of the constructed reality (the matrix) is infinite awareness.  Unfortunately, just knowing this is only an intellectual exercise, the very place we are stuck, our minds. We must now use this knowing to change our lives, our feelings and our experiences.  If you really believed you were infinite consciousness, you wouldn’t be asking yourselves how to survive the shift.  You would not be concerned about the lies and deceptions attempting to keep you  imprisoned in confusion and fear.  You are infinite consciousness choosing to put on the persona to play the game you agreed to come and play.   Get out of your heads and feel it folks!

I have been feeling this tremendous and beautiful wave of incredibly empowering and loving energy that seems almost impossible to be experiencing given the present situation and yet more and more of the time it fills me and less and less of the time am I back in mind prison.  That wave of energy can only be felt to be experienced.  You can’t know it in your head.  If you said “I know” in response to these words, you aren’t there yet.  If you sighed and felt its presence and said “yes” you are there.

Being involved in emotional healing for so many years now, I realize that when we are in this expanded space, all the pain and hurt our personas have lugged around all these years fades away.  It seems to me that we are much like an actor with a lead role in an incredible suspense movie.  We have contracted to leap into this role and become that experience for the duration of the movie.  We give it our all in every way but when the movie is over and faded from memory, it is time to throw off that role and remember who we really are. The tipping point has arrived.  The 9th wave is washing over us all awakening the feelings of our beautiful, magical selves. 

Whenever you are stuck back in the matrix, in the old mind patterns, stop and remember.  Find that wave and ride it.  If you can’t feel it now or never have, you may need to create a drama to smack you hard to awaken its memory once again. Like Alice falling down the rabbit whole, she was stuck there until she remembered who she was.  Thanks Alice.  This is truly an exciting time to be infinite consciousness having this experience of the great shift.  Play your role but decide right now not to become it anymore.   

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