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Iowa Straw Poll AMAZING

Nancy Joy - Monday, August 15, 2011

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August 15, 2011

Nancy Joy's Video

I felt compelled to attend the Iowa Straw Poll on Saturday in Ames, Iowa with my friend Cindy Reed.  If there was a ever a schism between what I saw and experienced and what the news media reported, this one was an abyss of projected reality and sensory perception so wide I am stunned.  I have long believed that our news media dishes out what the programmers call for, but for me to experience the actual event and the versions I have been hearing on the news has left me stunned and in an odd way also excited. Let me explain.

Political beliefs and agendas aside, I have long been a Ron Paul fan and feel he has been given the mission of enlightening folks and shaking them out of the slumber to roar like a lions, leaving their sheepskins behind.  I certainly don’t agree on all his views but overall I have always been drawn to his unflinching courage to call a spade a spade.  Also, I have never been a politically very active person often preferring to be the observer in the shift.  Yet off we went both feeling drawn to the experience and both feeling it was important to integrate the experience in consciousness as well as our hearts.  We did a short ceremony in a lovely park very near the event and arrived only an hour and ½ after it opened. Please listen to my video on what we experienced and saw and what has been reported.  Then breath into your hearts and into your thoughts the knowing that like a red tide there is a ground swell of awakening and shifting going on.  This will certainly be a very interesting election mirroring the experience of our shifting planet. N’Joy

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