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Japan's Tsunami∕9th Wave

Nancy Joy - Monday, March 14, 2011


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March 14, 2011 


 On Monday evening I had a powerful dream.  I was standing on the street where I lived in the Chicago Area holding hands with a small group of friends and it was August 17, 1987.  This was one of my first ceremonies and it was welcoming in Harmonic Convergence.  In the dream, small pearlescent rainbow orbs were falling gently around us.  Time began to speed up revealing some significant experiences of my life and I noticed in each clip an increased amount of these orbs.

Suddenly the time travel stopped and I was aware of a low powerful tone and I felt an unusual yet strangely pleasing vibration.  As I turned in the direction of the sound a HUGE wave was moving quickly toward me.  I did feel fear and yet also excitement. As my heart opened,  it seemed as if the wave was swallowing everything in its path in slow motion. The wave swallowed me.

I was then viewing the wave from above and noticing that this wave was galactic in nature and composed of billions of tiny orbs like the ones I had been seeing during the earlier parts of my dream.  I awoke unsettled and yet feeling as if I was being shown the energetic 9th wave in motion on our planet.  In my meditation on Wednesday, March 9th, the actual beginning of the 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness, Ezekiel shared with me that that these tsunamis on our planet are providing a 3D vision of the higher reality of the 9th Wave now consuming everything on our planet in slow motion as our consciousness shifts.  As the wave passes, slowly over time, there is a new reality because there is a new consciousness.  

Then, of course, Friday morning I awakened as many of us did to news of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.

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