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June Solstice 2011 The Blame Game!

Nancy Joy - Monday, June 20, 2011

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June 20, 2011

Nancy Joy's Video

The present moment in Earth history is the sum total or average of all the futures that are embedded in people's subconscious. For example, we have the habit of stashing what we can't create or are not supposed to create-where do we stash it? In the future. That's where we can put all the things we don't do inside this picture of reality.

 Which creates a kind of longing.

Because essentially, we blame everything else under the sun for the programming we have inflicted on ourselves.

Jack True   Hynotherapist

This is a deep understanding and certainly got me thinking. Where it took me was to the “blame game.”  That alone is a terrific cop out many spiritually attuned people gets stuck in including myself from time to time.  Yes, there are abusive people.  Yes, there are those attempting to take away our rights and control us.  Every where you look there is some challenge in government, medicine, education, economics and religion to place blame on for what you have not yet created inside yourself and yet long for.  Longing keeps you longing and it is that very programming that only YOU are responsible for. Of course, we are the answer we have been looking for.

 Respond to your own abilities at all times. You have the opportunity to change your life in every moment and co-create healing, peace, love and compassion in all your actions, thoughts and feelings to the best of your ability.  How?  Be real.  Feel. Open your heart and move through judgment. Take responsibility for your life.  Quit littering up the future with all your longings and activate and swim in your Shakti/Shiva, God Creator self.  Not tomorrow but right now.   To help you on your way, take a moment to listen to my one of my favorite songs by Gloria Estafan Get on You Feet.


Stop blaming and being victimized by your own programming.  It’s such an easy trap to fall into.  Take care of who you are.  In lak’ ech   NJ


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