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Nancy Joy - Monday, February 13, 2012

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February 13, 2012

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“We are conditioned to avoid unpleasant ideas that force us to face inner darkness because if we face ourselves, no one can control us.”

Barbara Hand Clow Awakening the Planetary Mind

Hand Clow’s new book is gripping to say the least! But this particular part of the book really struck a home run in my life.  I guess I never really considered how much we are conditioned  to avoid our pain and our challenges and hold fast to the status quo. I know we all do this, but I had never considered the conditioning involved. When we get rattled, we look to be rescued by the government, the church, our caretakers, bail outs (banks aren’t the only ones folks) etc rather than facing into the changes needed to put us back on track because we will have to give up something we have become accustomed to!

 In order for us to connect with the higher frequencies of the new paradise on earth which comes with the activation of our subtle glands (the hypothalamus and the thymus), we are all being challenged now to clear our emotional bodies so our physical bodies can handle the secretion of these gland.  The more we resist our own inner shift the more difficult the outer circumstances seem to be for us.

In my life right now there are two outer challenges that have been dogging me for quite some time and they have both heated up again this very week.  I will share one of these in my video but this message from Hand Clow reminded me that this challenge is a golden opportunity to face into my resistance and fears and feel the swish of those great new frequencies more fully and powerfully.  We should all be welcoming these situations we have created but we are conditioned to feel fear and think that we are getting hammered.

When we really turn inside to look at our fears, I mean it is almost laughable as we realize our mind patterns have created whole stories of suffering to come when in fact nothing of the sort is happening now.  Time acceleration is exasperating the issue because the bullets seem to be coming fast and furious until we realize they are existing in a place that we no longer choose to hang out in.

Do yourself a favor and turn things around right now.  You know what I am saying.  Find the one thing you have been creating potential crises out of and face into your fear as you realize it is a past pattern that does not need to be carried forward.

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