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Nancy Joy - Monday, July 25, 2011

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July 25, 2011

Nancy Joy's Video

God gave you two ears and only one mouth, learn to use them proportionately.  Ancient wisdom from master to disciple

I love this one!  One of the secrets of co-creation and manifestation is to learn to listen.  I know I myself am guilty of this upon occasion.  We all know or have people in our lives who we feel talk too much, give too much detail, postulate on one topic way too long etc.

There are several reasons for this. One reason people talk too much is because they are insecure and feel they need to control the conversation.  It may seem like they have big egos but really they often are little children needing recognition, validation and love.  If this fits you, it is time to grow into silence and discover all the wisdom right in front of your face as you validate your own being.  In the end, it is all about loving yourself.  You come into the world alone and go out alone.  You can’t truly find yourself if you are always talking.

Another reason is your need to give too much detail.  If you fit this description at times, remember if you loose your audience you have invalidated your sharing.  It is time to learn to feel your listener.  Be conscious. Pay attention.  Are their eyes glazed over?  Are they interacting with the discussion or are you dominating?  Even a teacher or presenter must learn to listen to the collective response of their audience.

To be a truly conscious being through the shift, it is time to take an honest look at yourself because to some extent we are all missing out on the opportunity to listen and learn because we are too busy knowing.  As Einstein said, “Knowledge is limited to what you already know.”

Those who are excellent manifesters are good listeners.  They take the opportunity to learn through listening.  If you are talking you are not learning.  Although I will admit talking out a problem with a friend helps you to problem solve, this is different from commandeering a discussion to meet your own needs.

I’ve got a few great stories to share in this week’s video that I am sure you will all relate too.  Take an honest inventory of your most recent interactions and learn to be a consciousness listener both within your own being and without.

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