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Loss and Change The Higher Perspective

Nancy Joy - Monday, October 10, 2011

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October 10, 2011

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“Maybe saving is not the issue. Maybe we are trying to keep things as they once were and believe that we are saving the earth.  Perhaps the world is not being lost; it is only changing, drastically changing.” Mutant Message from Forever by Marlo Morgan

While it is obvious that to change we must let go of what is to create what we are becoming.  The same is true for Gaia.  We look open the environmental destruction man seems to have wrought upon our planet and we see only the bad.  In truth there is no good and bad and everything is a manifestation of our own thoughts and emotions so if we have judgment about the banks, big business, government, abortion, poverty, wealth etc and we see only what’s wrong. Guess what?  That’s what we will continue to create.

There is a much bigger creation going on than we can perceive through our single perceptions. That's what makes unity consciousness so powerful! As a wise man once said, “What you can see on your radar screen is only an infinitesimally small spec of creation. What is going on is vast.”  That’s what we all seem to be feeling, in the uncertainty vibrating here now, the vast new template  is  being created from the wreckage. It is palpable. If we look at only what our eyes can take in and make a judgment through our own filters on that, we would be incorrect in almost every case.  We may look at our home and see all the repairs that need to happen while a new person comes through the door and sees only the magic.

Today, let’s feel and know our world beyond what appears and feel the expectation grow.  One thing we learned on our most recent Sacred Journey to Glastonbury is that magic is our “real” right now.  Forget saving and focus on creating.

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