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Nancy Joy - Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello Heartlights Friends,

An amazing new book has been released and I felt guided to pass it on to those of you to whom it calls.  In these times of change and upheaval, Gaia (Mother Earth) speaks nurturing words of understanding.  Please Check out theWebsite to read Mary Crook’s channeled Messages from Gaia!


Readers Invited to Attune Themselves to Nature

New nonfiction turns to Mother Earth for guidance; author interprets and shares her messages

IOWA CITY, Iowa – Devastating earthquakes, raging forest fires, crushing tsunamis and other natural disasters of increasingly epic proportions have dominated headlines in recent months, and some speculate that nature’s power comes as a consequence of humans’ mistreatment of the Earth and its ecosystems. Here to counter that assertion with a reassuring message of hope and healing comes Messages from Gaia: Wisdom and Love from our Earth Mother (published by Balboa Press), the new nonfiction from author, educator and naturalist Mary Kirkpatrick.

Taking inspiration from William Wordsworth and his poem that implores readers to “Come forth into the light of things. Let Nature be your teacher,” Kirkpatrick takes that idea, expands and applies it to the modern world for a whole new generation.

“For countless centuries people have talked of our Earth Mother,” Kirkpatrick writes. “Now she speaks to us, sharing words of wisdom, tenderness and deep love.” In 2008, she began to receive what she asserts are important messages from Mother Earth about the future of humanity and what needs to be done in order to ensure that it is a bright one filled with transcendence and joy.

In just over 100 pages, Messages from Gaia departs from a traditional chapter-by-chapter format to embrace a more fluid approach that promotes self-reflection and thoughtful perusal. Poetry, meditations, personal anecdotes and photographs all combine to impart a clear message that encourages environmental responsibility, global solidarity and, most of all, an appreciation for nature and attunement to the timeless wisdom Kirkpatrick has tapped into.

Refreshingly idealistic and pragmatic at once, Messages from Gaia are more pertinent than ever. Discover more in this timely new book.

Advance praise for Messages from Gaia:

Mary Kirkpatrick has captured the heart of Gaia through her own heart. Every message reflects the deep love and understanding that dwells within the human/Gaia relationship. The messages are affirming, poignant and beautiful. This book is a keeper!

—Nancy Joy Hefron, author, The Wounded Heart

About the Author

Mary Kirkpatrick has a master’s degree in social work and works as a university instructor, permaculture designer and master gardener. A mother of two, she continues to cultivate a deep appreciation for the natural world. Messages from Gaia is Kirkpatrick’s first book. For more information, visit http://gaiamessages.com/.


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