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No Direction!

Nancy Joy - Monday, August 13, 2012


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August 13, 2012

Nancy Joy's Video  

Sometimes lost is where you need to be.  Just because you don’t know your direction, doesn’t mean you don’t have one.”  From a conversation on Battlestar Galactica

.WOW!  Mark and I were listening to Battlestar Galactica on Netflix a few nights back when I heard this conversation and it drew me in.  In some ways I have felt so lost since my recent return from Bimini and the interaction with my human and dolphin pods. Everything in my Hearlights world has shifted into slow motion and where I would often lose myself in creating new journeys and sharing in sessions, things grew more still.  Of course, like all of us, I have been in this place before and it often seems to be the calm before a new experience or creation manifests and yet, it is also a time when I realize how much I define myself by my creations and my business. The stillness has been magical and taken me into new realms of understanding and self healing and yet that old ego pipes in with its programmed work ethic (whatever you call it) if you aren’t being productive you aren’t moving forward.  You aren’t worth your salt.

So, just as I was spending a few days feeling this directionless way, this message pops up and instantly shifts me into me into the potential of the mystery unfolding.  I realize that I have been creating through my visions, my dreams of the New Earth,and through the wisdom that is occasionally flowing through a mind still enough to finally hear.  Then in that space, just like pieces of a puzzle on a computer game falling into place, a new feeling and vibration are created.  The clues help me remember that my soul has a plan for me and it is always unfolding. Through my belief and my absolute faith, I truly know that this stillness is golden and I realize how few people these days have created the opportunity to savor the void of creation because they are too wrapped up in the doing of it all.  This leads me to wonder about those three little pigs.  Yes, the third pig worked hard and built his house of brick but who’s to say which pigs were really in tune with the flow.  It’s that dolphin thing again.  Their home is their pod and it is a playful joy of experiencing.  Their work is their play and they remind of us to live that daily as we observe their magic.

Yes, for all things there is a season.  I have done my planting (the work of manifesting creation and making them real in my life…if you want to call that work) and in the dark still moistness deep within I am awaiting my latest garden of seeds  poke above the surface so I can get to work.  There is a genetic code written within my cells unfolding and nourished by my heart just as there is in every seed.  The potential of awakening ONLY happens in the stillness.  So, I encourage you this week to find that stillness if you are not in it right now.  Anyone can create it now matter how busy and important they believe themselves to be.  There is a direction even when you can’t see it.  Trust, listen and expand.  It is so much fun to watch it open and unfold right before your eyes. 

Enjoy the magic of the dolphins again.  I am leaving this on up for a while.


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