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October Solar Eclipse Ushers in Change

Nancy Joy - Monday, October 20, 2014

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ReflectionsOctober 20, 2014    Solar Eclipse Ushers In Change

Nancy Joy's Video         The sound toward the end of today’s video got strange…eclipse and Mercury retrograde :)

“Blessed change…mask of the destroyer…friend of the stagnant…gift of the vision held of tomorrows creations.”  Ode to Change by Carol Canova.

Today is my Birthday.  I am 67 years old in linear time which, of course, is an illusion as far as I am concerned.  Years ago, back in the early 90’s when I was going through a major life change in every way, my mentor who was also going through tremendous change wrote this poem (below Ode to Change) and read it to me out of her journal over coffee on the morning of my 44 Birthday!  I happen to share it the other night on a conference call and it rocked my world once again.

Eclipses ( October 23… the final Solar Eclipse in 2014 at 2:38 PM CDT) all allow a portal for awakening and seeing things differently.  In fact, they often insist on change.  You know how we all dream of change…something can always be better in our lives and definitely in our world. Yet, when the portals open wide and the winds of change flow through our lives unexpectedly they stir things up and our old world begins to break apart.  Change is anything but peaceful and yet we all cling to the desire to not feel the chaos of things changing.  Change is like a Dr Seuss “push me/pull you” energy that insists that something very old become unraveled which is what we want and yet often we continue to hang on for dear life because the unknown is knocking on our door.  It like that scary ride we wait in long lines to experience and when its finally our turn to let go and free fall into the new, we scream in terror.

Let’s face it, we are all going through something difficult right now...a defining ledge so to speak.  It can be based on changes in health, money, relationships or a little of everything but it is there insisting that we change.  We look outside at our world in the flux and chaos of great change and say “Henny Penny the sky is falling.”  As I complete my Birthday review I settle into an awareness of all the amazing change that snuck up on me throughout my life and in particular this year that I created and Carol Canova’s words ring healing truth in my heart.  I welcome change to continue to come play with me, shift me, pull me, challenge me and expand me in its clutches.  I choose to welcome change as my adventure into the unknown and as Ezekiel always reminds my…I don’t know is a good place to be.  It is the only place where you are teachable.

The energy of this solar eclipse promises a respite and time of reflection as the moon dances between the sun and the earth magnifying change and inviting us to grace our lives with the shield of trust  and catch the magic.  Integrate Carol’s amazing poem and welcome change into your home.  Your heart will be your guide.


Change is the rich blessing life offers us.

It is an opportunity to experience God’s chosen direction for us.

An opportunity to trust in the innate wisdom of our souls.

Change beckons and calls us to wrap ourselves in it’s mantel.

Change knows not the old and familiar.

It knows only the offering of the now.

Change richly blesses those whose courage equals its call.

It invites us to allow vulnerability and risk to become our play mates as our souls delight in the Dance of Life.

Change is the present reality scattered and defused until the focus stayed upon a glimpse…the shimmer of the way life can be.


Blessed change…mask of the destroyer…friend of the stagnant…gift to the vision held of tomorrows creations.

  Grace life with the shield of your trust and the arrow of your strength.

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