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On being Happy and Sad!

Nancy Joy - Monday, August 20, 2012


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August 13, 2012

Nancy Joy's Video  

“A minute ago you were thanking me for bringing you with me, and now it seems to have brought you nothing but sadness.  Make up your mind what you are feeling.”

          “I feel both things at once.  I don’t have to choose…”

Paulo Coelho from his novel “the Zahir”


          We spend so much energy figuring out if we are happy or not.  When will we realize the trap of that illusion?  I believe we are here on this planet at this time to move out of duality not to stay imprisoned by it.  Happiness and sadness can exist hand-in-hand without conflict when each are appreciated and validated.  Is there not sometimes, a profound joy in your sadness?  Stop fighting your feelings.  As a dear friend of mine who lost her young daughter once sad to me, “My grief has turned into a comforting sadness that moves me forward in my life.”  That is integration.

           I wish for all of us the wisdom and courage to integrate our inner conflicts.  Happiness and sadness are not at odds with one another but simply different flavors of feeling for us to experience.

Enjoy the magic of the dolphins again.  I am leaving this on up for a while.


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