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Nancy Joy - Monday, October 24, 2011

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October 24, 2011

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We think that we talk to others so that they can accept us and offer us some sort of light within our dark tunnel. When in actuality, talking to others gives us the opportunity to see our own light which we already had that can only be understood when we hear it first in our own voice, seeing as sound creates form. Dave Kelso

Well in my life it feels as if I have turned up the universal growth hormone, adversity, to help my rotor rooter oscillate on down to a much deeper place where there is no longer room for my old coping mechanisms and patterns.  I am taking responsibility for my creations and I am even excited that I have created opportunities to change these patterns. Now is the time!  I am seeing open doors.

Dave is a FB friend who, in reaching out to me, sent me a lovely message last week and within it was this gem on talking.  As an emotional healer and counselor I can say folks always feel better sharing their inner turmoil.  It’s why people seek out therapists…so they can speak. When I have had a really severe blow in life, I find my most trusted friend and I share it over and over until the charge lessons and I come to the place of shift within me.   When you are hurting, the best slave is a person who doesn’t judge you and with whom you feel safe.  Pick up the phone, turn on Skype, walk out the door to your neighbors or go seek out your life partner if that is possible and ask for an ear. It’s not about anyone fixing you, but about you fixing you.  Sing your song, shift your emotions and move on.  You will fell so much better.

Warning…Don’t get stuck in your talk and keep creating the same thing.  When you are done venting reframe the situation taking responsibility and looking at yourself through your own life’s eyes.  Then take action...shift. 

This coming Friday, October 28th is the last day of the Mayan Calendar!  Be conscious and allow your feelings to speak.  See you in the next world so to speak!  This is an exciting time.  The event we returned here to consciously participate in is here. I know its just a date and the journey is the thing in some ways but the conscious focus of folks in creating a new reality matters.  Find the joy in all you experience.

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