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Opposites and The Law of Attraction

Nancy Joy - Monday, September 12, 2011

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September 12 , 2011

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“If like attracts like, how do you explain the integration of the dark and the light and how is it that opposites attract?  I am confused.”   I asked of Ezekiel.

Great Question.  First of all, every creation and every energy field has a polar opposite field.  For example, you could not have light without the dark field that allows it to exist. The dark could not create without the creations light brings. The North Pole of our earth cannot exist without the South Pole to attract integration.  The mistake is in thinking that opposites existing within a field are not alike.  They are because they can’t exist as whole without one another.  There would be no human race without procreation etc.

So, don’t confuse yourself here.  Thoughts and feelings create a field that attract like experiences and creations that can either make us feel happy and fulfilled or  alone and sad.  You would never feel fulfilled without activating your opposites within.  So our thoughts and feelings are almost always subconsciously pulling our opposites into our field.  Whatever is missing from our fulfillment is what you seek.  The South Pole isn’t putting out a vibe to attract South Pole energy. It already has that. It is putting out a vibe to attract North Pole energy thus pulling the earth’s fields into integration. If you are aligned more to the feminine field, you will be putting out thoughts and feelings to attract male energy and so on. 

So like attracts like energy fields to create wholeness.  When you are aware of your thoughts and feelings, you will seek to attract what fulfills you. Thus, like does truly attract like.  WHEW!  Food for thought this week.

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