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Polarity and Duality in the New Reality

Nancy Joy - Monday, June 27, 2011

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June 20, 2011

Nancy Joy's Video

As you shift into the higher frequency and begin to stabilize in the “new reality” so to speak, you will discover a place where duality and polarity are no longer pulling away from each other but instead you will discover that they are attracting each other to create rather than destroy.  Talk about opposites attracting!  This will be phenomenal and you can already see signs of it every where. Hang on.  Be conscious and enjoy the ride.   Ezekiel  June Solstice 2011

I was doing a private session this past Tuesday (Solstice) and Ezekiel started sharing that duality and polarity would still be with us through the shift and beyond but we would have shifted our vibration as a whole enough to create more powerful attraction rather than the lower vibration we have been in seemingly forever which creates separation and pain.  He explained that just like a battery the positive and negative pole when stimulated are drawn together to create a charge with which you can create.  I have always thought about integrating opposites but this sheds more understanding on what is truly going on.

As I pondered this and began to apply is in my own life and in what I see happening around me, I was fascinated.  I also realized this is an easy shift we can make right now that involves bringing opposites consciously together to create a new grid or pattern.  Check out my video this week as I am really excited to share this simple step that we may have been aware of but as of now, we haven’t applied enough in our lives. Also, I will discuss the difference between polarity and duality. Interesting.  Have a great week.  In Lak’ech

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