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Push On Through to the Other Side

Nancy Joy - Monday, January 14, 2013


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  Reflections   Pushing Through to the Other Side

January 14, 2013

“The amount of difficulty you bump up against when creating something new is directly proportionate to how amazing it's going to be when you push through it.”

Amy ULC Seminary

 Wow have I found this to be true and especially important to remember as we move into 2013 and beyond.  Here are some helpful hints to push you through to the others side …the amazing part.


Of course “pushing through it” can have a multitude of applications.  For example, you could reach an impossible impasse with your spouse, friend, child or partner and find yourself struggling to work through the feelings.  This is the time to ask yourself what is it I need to understand and change about myself to bring about resolution.  For me, that is always step one.  So I would need to push through my resistance and take responsibility for my situation.  Its always there you know.  That place where it clicks in and you understand why you created the experience. On the other side of that,  you will find that you need to decide if you can hold your partner in a space of love right where they are and make that change in yourself.  Push through it until you shift yourself.  Stay conscious of your feelings and responses.


Once, of course, you have mastered your part and made the conscious and emotional changes needed to feel peaceful and clear then you must decide if the next thing “to push through” is to let go of the relationship (or that aspect of of it) or continue and be happy within yourself, not needing the other to change.  Hmmmmm  That one is a bit tougher but you will know what you need to “push through”soon enough if you continue to be upset and cannot live without change from the other.  If your change wasn’t enough to change and shift the situation, then there is the “let go” time and that “pushing through” can be the most difficult. 


Finally you find the courage to “push through” and let go to come out on the other side into amazing and it feels so free.  The long and the short of this (whichever version it is for you)  is that you will only continue to feel the pain and emotional discomfort if you fail to push through it.  So take heart as all these new situations unfold in the new reality and apply this consciousness of the heart to your brain and feel the emotional release and catch  the magic.


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