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Nancy Joy - Monday, May 16, 2011

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May 16, 2011 

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Don’t judge someone just because their opinions are different-least they do the same to you.  Instead, ask them if they want to grab a cup of coffee.  Start a conversation and listen.  Open their minds-open your own.   Jodi Piccoult from the novel Salem Falls

Recently, one my YouTube subscribers who became aware of vast greater realities asked me how to share this wisdom with others in a way that will not be rejected out-of-hand as so much of the new reality seems to be way out of the box.  This is not a simple answer but a great question to explore this week.

The first prerequisite Ezekiel taught me years ago is to learn how to apply discernment to your sharing.  You may be very excited with new information that resonates with you, but not everyone is on your same page. I love Jod Piccoult’s suggestion.  After all, you can’t expect someone to listen to you if you will not listen to them.  Always check to make sure your “wisdom” has an opening before you break down the door.

 Ezekiel also always said that we all have a cosmic alarm clock within our beings and when it goes off and someone actually begins to awake and rub the sleep out of their eyes,  that is the time they are able to explore new vistas.  Some folks roll over and hit the snooze alarm.  That’s OK, they have just created another opportunity down the road for it to awaken them.  Always remember when the time is right, the teacher will appear.  You are not always the teacher someone is ready to learn from. No need to postulate.  Nothing is more annoying then a reformed smoker right!

Finally and perhaps most importantly, people will listen to you more and accept more as they observe how you live your life and how you have manifested in this reality.  “By their works you shall know them.”  It is not what you say but how you apply your wisdom in your own life.  When I am asked by someone I know is not familiar with many of these concepts and realities, I meet them on their ground.  If, for example, they are Christian, I use that vocabulary to share these concepts.  If perhaps they have no clue that some institutions they rely on actually enslave us them, that is where you must begin to engage them, right where they are, not where you are or where you want them to be. Challenging but when you can put your ego aside, very doable.

This Monday morning, be still and bring someone close to you that is unaware of these concepts as you see them into your space and imagine a sharing based on these principals.  I think you might be amazed.  Thoughts to ponder.


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