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Nancy Joy - Monday, June 13, 2011

Find peace in our chaotic world!  Find Out How!

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June 6, 2011

Nancy Joy's Video

Stop focusing on when you will be done with the lessons.  The answer is and has always been “never.”  How many times have we all thought or said, “I’ve already done that?”  Or, “I thought I had gotten that lesson?”  And, why would you ever want to stop growing and expanding.  That is the very vibration of creation.   Nancy Joy

This may sound familiar because it was from the very end of last weeks Reflections about learning to love it all.  This particular tag on the end brought the most response and several have suggested it would be a great to expand on this understanding.  I agree.

It is now a proven scientific fact that our emotions change the actual structure of our DNA.  Check out this short Gregg Braden video

 DNA and the Phantom Effect

It is abundantly clear that our emotions when activated and experienced consciously through love do change the very structure of our DNA which hold our patterns.  We are actually changing all future humans as well as ourselves as we come into understanding.  Now the next step is to realize that in order to shift a fear pattern into a love pattern we must dive into its message and bring it into understanding and love.  How do we do this?  As far as I am concerned, we get there by moving through the lessons and experiences that we create.  My novel The Wounded Heart  out lines the journey of Conscious Compassion and is well worth the read.

With each conscious shift we raise our vibration.  Why would you want it to be “over?”  The joyful thing is that the lessons become easier and are moved through so much more quickly now that we no longer need to be stuck in a reality of fear and victim hood.  Check out my video to go a little deeper here.  Blessing to all as we truly learn TO LOVE IT ALL!

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