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Something Wonderful is about to Happen!

Nancy Joy - Monday, November 26, 2012


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November 26, 2012  

Nancy Joy's Video   Something Wonderful Is About To Happen!

Humanity has chosen.  To borrow words from the celestials, “Something wonderful is going to happen and there is nothing you can do about it!” GW Hardin Timeless Comments on Timelines  Hardin's Article

I Love This!!!  Humanity has collectively raised its vibration and I see and feel it everywhere. Although certainly not from the main stream media or programmed TV (tell-a-vision), I see it in the hearts of people and their true desires:  Pictures of Arab and Jewish students standing hand-in-hand make it clear:  All the folks that donated and worked together helping where the Red Cross and FEMA failed after Hurricane Sandy: People choosing their hearts desires instead of the expected response.  Yes, it is truly exciting.


Instead of us ascending into a higher frequency we are attracting that frequency to us right here.  It is a known law of quantum mechanics that when there are two different vibrations, the higher always entrains to the lower and so it goes bringing heaven to earth.  There is much information out there on varying timelines and it does not all agree of course by any means, but after spending some time studying this, I have found two articles Hardin’s and another posted below that bring validation and understanding into the mix.  I believe Hardin when he states that on October 7th 2008, Timeline 1 ended.  At this point all the predictions associated with that timeline and all the earth changes foretold where no longer slated to occur.  Then I believe that on November 11, 2011 the second time line ended because of the choice humanity made during this great time of shift altering reality through all the unity events taking place on the planet and bringing the 9th wave of Unity Consciousness into reality. I felt that field entraining to our vibrations very powerfully on 11:11:11. Please read my friend Jelaila Starr's take on the Timelines and how things are unfolding. Jelaila's Article

So as the saying goes when people choose a reality, it reinforces that pattern.  I believe we are seeing and feeling that pattern everywhere. As each human has begun to wake up and disconnect even the tiniest bit from the matrix (no judgment here on how much) they begin the process of thinking for themselves.  In other words they become aware.  This choice or change has collapsed the timelines completely as we head into 12:12:12 and 12:21:12 creating a new timeline I call the New Reality.  All we need to do is embrace the knowing that in all the Universe, we are uniquely endowed with a special gift which some have named Christ Consciousness but in fact we were endowed with this gift long before Christ. It our very advanced DNA that awakens the knowing of Godself, the divine etc within our hearts. Quite simply we are creators who forgot (lots of stories on how we forgot…fall of the angels…Annunaki manipulation to name a few.) As Hardin explains, we are the melting pool of Alien DNA from Cetacean, Reptilian, Carrion and so forth.  In fact, much the same as the creation of America represents the melting pot on Earth, so to the human represents this galactically.  That is why so much ET interest has surfaced surrounding our planet’s journey and the human awakening right now  The question has always been, can we awaken from our slumber and choose to remember and become our potential and join in unity to create the world every human heart dreams of?  Finally we have the answer.  Yes. We can and we are. Can you feel it right now underneath any final cleansing and shifts you may be experiencing or observing?

Timelines Chemtrails HAARP and Humans  The Daniel Papers Very interesting!

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