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Stop Whining and Wake Up!

Nancy Joy - Monday, October 22, 2012

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October 22, 2012  

Don't assume that knowing the truth is paralyzing. It's only paralyzing if you can't invent ways to use it. Don't wait around for a message to float out of the clouds. Don't say, "But now that I'm awake, what do I do?" That's a close cousin to surrender, and it's a precursor to going back to sleep.

 Don't whine, don't complain. INVENT. IMAGINE. CREATE.   Jon Rappoport

Nancy Joy's Video   Stop Whining and Wake Up!

I don’t know about you but here we are going through another presidential election in the United States and the dualistic drama is, as usual, exhausting.  I don’t care what your political and moral beliefs are and neither does anyone else really because they already have there own.  Now that the truths are finally making their way out of the veil of secrecy into the consciousness of humanity they are rising like hot lava from the recesses of our minds and creating flows and forging new landscapes.

Sexual abuse scandals are rocking the world of sports and have brought other organizations (Boy Scouts, Catholic Church) to their knees as they struggle to reform and change.  It is apparent that legislation diminishing our freedom and constitutional rights has been voted into law by hiding them in pages and pages of craziness. (On both sides of the aisle) Truth is coming out that both top Democrats  and top Republicans are in bed with corporate interests which are affecting our food, water and energy sources like a cancer across the land and on and on.  No more hiding.  You can’t ignore the blisters when they break through your tough skin and demand attention.  And yet the attention they seem to be getting is divisive and counter productive and only creates another round of worsening blisters.

The reason these things have been created in our reality to begin with is because we created them to wake us up!  Let’s start to stop trying to make them go away by worsening the polarity that is already bringing us down.

I love Jon Rappaort’s wisdom.  These are opportunities folks.  Now you know some unpleasant truths and maybe you wish you didn’t. You have choices. You can go back to sleep and pretend all is well in Camelot or you can protest, campaign and be upset all you want but the real jewel is that when you don’t like what is appearing under the microscope you can choose to join your hearts, your consciousness and your imaginations with others to create a new reality out of the box.  You are being pushed to discover, invent and create a new way and the more you do this within your own lives, the more it will become the new pattern.  Not more reaction but conscious action.  The solution to this mess is deceptively simple in some ways, use the mess to create something new that works and supports all people.  And believe me, it isn’t this propagandist campaign rhetoric and BS that will get anything done at all.

I encourage all of you to put some aspects of your own lives that are uncomfortable for you and that you either have either blamed  on others or swept under the proverbial rug under the microscope and work to remember the creators you truly are.  Make a new reality out of them.  This is the gateway and this is your choice.  Start the change you seek smack in your own backyard and watch the wave spread across the world.  Snap out of it.  Don’t go back to sleep.  Change, Invent and Create!


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