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Nancy Joy - Monday, October 08, 2012

   EGYPT 2012 Journey   12:12:12  

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October 8, 2012   Taking the Journey

Nancy Joy's Video  

Pilgrims are poets who create by taking journeys.  Sue Monk Kidd from Traveling With Pomegranates

This touched my heart as I often feel I am a cosmic traveler on so many levels.  The first and most obvious one is the role Heartlights Journeys have played in my life and the incredible activations and grid work these groups of sheer heart have manifested in themselves and for the planet.  As I step back and observe the rhythm, cadence and magic of each unique tour that I have created and each personal and group journey dancing with the unfolding work of art, I am always amazed.  I never cease to wonder at the magic and even in difficult phases of such initiations, I marvel at the creations and all they teach us. I can clearly see each one as a unique poem in motion eliciting powerful feelings and expanded awareness.

On another level, my journeys within my own being have become particularly powerful and revealing over this past year.  Beyond my expectations, I have tapped into and traveled in a poetic and rhythmic verse across timelines and inner landscapes.  I see and acknowledge the pilgrim in me and I embrace her, marvel at her and claim her as my own.

Take a moment to embrace the pilgrim in you and catch the magic of your own dance.  There is poetry in the unfolding expansion of consciousness that your willingness to take ANY journey can create.  Allow your heart to unfold the journey with your partner, a child, your best friend, a group you belong to and don’t leave out your inner relationships to your own child, ego, and very soul self.  We are journeyers from a distant star stringing together our experiences and the feelings they have stirred within us.  Whether your next journey is from you’re your favorite chair going within, walking in Gaia's embrace, laughing with a friend or even joining a Heartlights Tour for an adventure to a sacred site, be mindful of the poet that is born from the pilgrims consciousness of the journey.

On another note, I have had a renewed calling from Mother Egypt to re-energize  a heart felt group to come to Egypt to Celebrate the 12:12:12 at this time of such duality across our planet. I have several signed up and yet the energy had begun to falter.  My friends in Egypt are calling saying...  “Do not abandon us.  Come and help us heal as we help you remember the magic of your ancient connection to this vortex.” If you have the hearts desire and the resources to join us, please connect. The 12:12:12 activation across the planet is a crucial one. That video that caused so much uproar in the Arab World was all set up to create more fear and separation.  Egypt is peaceful and calling to us in peace. Can you hear her?  Are you being called to be a pilgrim and create yet another amazing poem with us?

 Enjoy the magic of the dolphins.  I am leaving this on up for a while.


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EGYPT    Where will you be 12:12:12

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December 5-13, 2012

This tour has changed dates to focus on 12:12:12 in preparation for shift related to December 21, 2012. This change comes on powerful guidance that this stabilization of the Gateway is needed. 

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