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The Dark and the Light of it All

Nancy Joy - Monday, October 27, 2014

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ReflectionsOctober 27, 2014   The Dark and the Light of it all!

Nancy Joy's Video

“The dark serves the light…See yourselves in those who would harm the Earth.  You have played all of the roles so that you might love your enemy during this mission.  Let love guide your magic.  Activate both sides of this mission, for all must, eventually return to the Heart of the Great Central Sun.” Ayani

We know this 3D world is an illusion…a construct of our thoughts and feelings. Thursdays' Solar Eclipse gave us an opportunity or doorway to be in a meditative space where we could consciously direct our thoughts and our feelings and create what we are choosing to craft in this space rather than to continue creating from our shadow patterns.   I personally could actually feel my DNA coming alive and changing… activating…reconnecting and realigning.   It is so important to see beyond the illusion to see God in all things. I was clearly guided from deep within to share and remind you of the role and value of the dark as a present construct of our illusion.

Now more than ever before as the dark and the light learn to become an integrated whole, it’s important to remember that we are being “pushed” to accept the “dark” faces of our reality as their exposure provides us with a tremendous opportunity to empower ourselves and realign with the high frequencies in all our interactions.  We actually created them as a reflection of the hidden and destructive parts hidden in our own DNA.  They provide us with the doorway to shift our own light bodies into crystalline energy and expansion.

The “dark” ones or archons/cabal as we have labeled them, are those who have imprisoned and enslaved us.  These ones are those who have strayed so far from creator into forgetfulness that they are severed from access.  And, yet, there is nothing that is not a part of the unified field of creator. (Another paradox)  Many of these beings have agreed on a profound level to play a role for us to push us back into our hearts and restore our memories of the divine within.  After all, who would you rather be in the school play…Lucifer or Arch Angel Michael?  Yet, without both there would be no story, no lesson, no expansion.  This is why we are drawn to books, movies and plays… They reveal ourselves and decloak the hidden within. The hero always defeats the nemesis (defined by Wikipedia as that which one cannot beaten!) 

Many of us are already aware of our “prison planet” and each of us has responded in our own way as necessary for our particular journeys.  It is imperative now as more comes to light and we are needed to draw our swords of truth, to wield them wisely.  There is some confusion here I wish to address.  There is nothing more powerful then a beautiful open heart with strong personal boundaries.  We are being asked to stand strong.  Get our message out there.  Let these archons know we are in our power now and refuse to participate in the dramas and games or if we do participate it is with consciousness... be in it but not of it.  It’s not enough to send love and compassion.  We must back that vibration up by wielding our own dark side with love and compassion.

So, it is for us to respond from our hearts with power and the “magic” of our expanded consciousness.  Stop the blame game in your actions and your language.  Nothing is happening that you are not one with.  Yet at the very same time be transparent and true.  As you integrate your nemesis, you are bringing it into your own light...never the aggressor but always the defender of the divine in all things.  Give it a try these coming weeks and months and catch the magic.

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EGYPT  The Return…  March 8-19th, 2015  Find Out More

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