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The Final Clearing of 2012

Nancy Joy - Monday, November 19, 2012

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Reflections     Using Our Differences Constructively

November 19, 2012  

Nancy Joy's Video  

The fear you face now is your fear of rejection, the fear of abandonment, the fear of loss…you fear that you will lose one another…that you will reject one another out of fear, and that you will both fall again.  Mountain Astrologer

I love The Mountain Astrologer because she goes to the heart of the pain that separates us and names it. iIn the article I read, she called this pain…the negative self-cast shadows you made long ago that must be vanquished so that you can move freely.  That brings me to what I am noticing right now more than ever, especially within myself...that pain is being made manifest as I do my final clearing in preparation for taking on my work in the New Reality.

I work with many people from many different walks of life as well as working on myself and at the root of EVERY issue is the same pain.  We all seem to be craving validation from outside ourselves and it causes us to often reject the very thing we want the most, our friends and loved ones.  Then along comes this new light energy field of ascension casting light over our hidden shadows just like last week’s Solar Eclipse on the new moon. We fear the loss of one another and over and over again that fear has caused us to repeat that pattern and do it again like a vicious ground hog circle.  This deep rooted fear comes from that past and challenges us to handle it differently.  It challenges us to turn inward and love ourselves so completely that we shift our self-cast negative shadows into self love.   As we do this, and we can and we are, we no longer crave the validation from our partners, our bosses, our family or friends.  We are the beloved we have feared losing.

But how do we go from that past pain and the fear and emptiness it creates to embracing our magnificence?  We must create a scared space of mutual vulnerability where two may become one while embracing that sacred space within ourselves.  So our journey now, as we turn this final corner into 12/21/2012 is to hold the sacred space for the connection we so fear losing so it may turn toward us and embrace us.  At the same time we must do that exact same thing for that lost part of ourselves that has held onto the fear of not being enough for far too long.  So the bitterness and anxieties of the past pain must be clearly faced as you embrace your beloved and hold the sacred space for the ones you fear losing to feel your love and come into your embrace.  In a sense, as I took inventory of myself and those around me, I found this to be everyone’s core issue…everyone’s fear!  Tell me that if you are very honest with yourself, you cannot see how you have walked on egg shells or pushed away those close to you who have triggered this fear.  Own that it comes from all your past wounds piled into one wounded heart and allow that sadness of separation to become the joy of the sacred union you now no longer run from.  Thought to ponder this week.

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